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The Time of the NFT

The Time of the NFT

The non-fungible token or NFT is catching on in today’s business world. Of course, a lot of that appeal comes from the consumer side as well.

People are getting excited about these new kinds of digital assets and how they relate to what innovators have done with the blockchain.

We are part of that, as you can see by looking at new awards and recognitions in this type of digital environment!

B2B Plug-and-Play

Our digital engagement tools are perfect for companies that want to leverage the appeal of digital marketing and engagement in the sports world.

Basically speaking, people and companies are getting on board with the idea of taking technology to the next level. That may have started with things like NFTs, where athletes and celebrities made their own tokens, but now there’s also the promise of the metaverse, that is due to change business in a big way. 

By keeping on top of all of this, Fanisko has been able to set up services unlike anything that sports merchandising and ad world has seen before: initiatives that help to usher in the new era of the NFT and of the metaverse as well. 

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Marketers and people in all kinds of industries are integrating both augmented reality and virtual reality in products and services.

You can see this in play with the Oculus headset, but it goes far beyond that. Basically, the AR and VR in the metaverse can be any technology that helps to accomplish the result: a virtual “place” populated with users that are represented by proxy in the digital worlds that are created. 

In a general sense, we’re moving toward the metaverse model – that’s partly why Facebook changed its name – and in the future, we’re likely to have virtual meeting halls in which we are represented by avatars that we purchase as NFTs.

Fanisko has gotten in on the ground floor of this for digital sports advertising. Our founders are happy to be early adopters of NFT and AR/VR technologies. Take a look at the website for more on how we are innovating in our field! We are happy to be in the fast lane when it comes to integrating new technologies into our workflows and how we do things. Get connected with a firm that knows where things are going in terms of 21st century IT. It might boost your sports B2B business by quite a lot!