Fanisko – Just What A Marketing Agency And Its Clients Need!

Our years of experience having worked with sports teams that we have come up with our fan engagement platform – Fanisko.

Why is fan engagement so important?

Over the years, engagement with fans has acquired a new level of importance altogether for sports teams. Various revenue generation streams such as merchandise sales, sponsorship’s and media largely depend on the level of engagement with fans. In other words, fan engagement has evolved into a wholesale growth strategy used by elite sports team for profit maximization.

An important aspect of fan engagement is to get as many viewers in the seats as possible. Common opinion states that an empty stadium represents poor fan engagement. An empty seat is a missed commercial opportunity. Therefore, sports organizations and marketers always look for ways to fill their stadiums as close to maximum capacity as possible, further maximizing revenue.

We understand this need and importance associated with fan engagement. It is based on this understanding and our years of experience having worked with sports teams that we have come up with our fan engagement platform – Fanisko.

Let’s deep dive to understand fan engagement

Of course there are many ways to engage with fans. Traditional methods of engagement like engaging with the fans inside the stadium are becoming outdated now. Engaging with fans inside the stadium alone is not going to be enough now. In times when fans are becoming increasingly dependent on digital platforms for consumption of content for entertainment and news, it would be deemed orthodox if a sports team were to decide against leveraging on this trend for fan engagement.

Since marketing and operations departments are tasked with the responsibility of engaging with fans they often take the help of marketing agencies for the same. These are agencies that specialize in offering marketing consulting and managing digital media presence for sports teams.

Our role in the entire process!

We sense the opportunity for a special engagement between marketing agencies and our platform. We work with sports team helping them strengthen their bond with their fans. Teams we understand face a number of challenges which we help them tackle. Some of these challenges are their inability to push good content to fans, offering rewards to them and making them a part of loyalty programs in appreciation of their commitment towards them and of course offering fantasy games for them to stay engaged and entertained.

We at Fanisko have tried and tested that a one stop digital platform could tackle all these challenges with great effect. Our platform is technology driven which enables us to bring the best to the sports teams using it. From being able to offer rewards to fans to offering innovative gaming that is a mix of Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality, our platform offers many distinctive features which cannot be found on any other engagement platform in today’s times. We allow fans of teams to build their own teams and play in the fantasy leagues. We allow them take part in trivia and polls and reward them for their dedication to the sport and their favorite team.

This was just a little on what our app has on offer for the fans whereas the teams too gain a lot from using our platform. Teams in addition to gaining increased engagement with their fans are also able to push pressing news about any new developments concerning the team to the fans. They are able to gain insights into what works and what doesn’t with regards to their content and communications strategy.

Wondering what’s in it for you?

Just imagine if the team that you are associated with was able to derive these benefits? Wouldn’t it help your relationship with them and make your job easier too with the help of our platform? It obviously would! It would also give your team more confidence when building a strategy with technology as its core base.

Apart from an association with Fanisko helping your bond with your team, it will also serve as a new stream of revenue for your firm. Yes, we’d be happy to work on a revenue share model with your agency.

To know in detail and get a demo of the way Fanisko works and why we call it the best fan engagement platform out there, click here.