4 Tips to Boost Fan Engagement

Boosting fan engagement is a crucial first lesson you should learn to keep your team fan base growing. Here are our four tips to encourage fan engagement:

Once you realize how vital fan engagement is, you’re only starting your journey of elevating your team to stardom. You still need to learn the ins and outs of fan engagement and find the right platform that can help you achieve your goals.

Boosting fan engagement is a crucial first lesson you should learn to keep your team fan base growing. Here are our four tips to encourage fan engagement:

Be Present Throughout the Year

During the off-season, you likely won’t have as much involvement as you would while games are being played regularly. Still, that doesn’t mean you should stop trying to communicate with your fans. There are ways to keep engagement levels high even during the off-season, especially with the most passionate fans that enjoy next season speculation and rumors.

Make sure that you’re fighting short attention spans by reminding your fans that there’s life in the off-season, too! Engage them with highlights from the last season, polls about the best players, matches, and keep the discussion alive. Get them pumped and excited for the upcoming season.

Make the Most out of Team Announcements

Even if your team’s not playing a big match or you don’t have any significant news to announce, you can still keep fans engaged. A training session could be extremely interesting for your fans if you know how to create buzz around it. The players could perform a unique challenge in their off time, or pull off a neat skill trick or two that will get the fans talking about it.

Of course, new signings and announcements are equally essential to take advantage of, both during the season and during the break. Make sure to create buzz around upcoming big matches, ask for predictions, and show your fans that their opinion is valued. You’ll be surprised by the increase in the engagement.

Make Your Fans a Family

Most successful teams are the ones where fans feel like family. Striving to create a friendly, family atmosphere around the club is much easier when fans are engaged and passionate about the team. Even the smallest local groups can have their die-hard supporters who are there because they feel valued and essential.

By engaging with fans through team engagement platforms, you show that you want them to create a strong bond with the team. That’s something people find invaluable, and that kind of devotion isn’t only reserved for the biggest clubs in the game.

A Fan Engagement Platform that Does the Job

All this sounds great, but not all fan engagement platforms out there can deliver the results. With Fanisko Engage, our SDK integration platform, your team will get a multitude of ways to engage fans effectively and boost engagement. If you already have a team app, our platform will enhance it, using AI, Mixed and Augmented reality, polls, video content and much more. It also provides data analytics that helps you figure out what boosts your engagement most and how.

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