Fan engagement innovation: Meet CSK AR

Who doesn’t desire to look like Dhoni?
Well, The CSK AR app provides you with that. Pretty cool, right?

Even though still in its infancy, the rise and popularity of Augmented Reality (AR) is pervading into every possible industry in the world with the sports fan engagement leading the business.

While other sports like NBA, NFL has gone through countless innovations with AR, The cricket fans, especially in India, are yet to experience AR.

Though the AR apps in cricket have been around for a long time now, it wasn’t quite popular until the Melbourne Renegades, and few other Big Bash teams used them in the recently concluded Big Bash tournament.

With over 20 million followers, The Chennai Super Kings (CSK) is known for their innovations to keep the fans engaged, and they have done it once again.

The long wait for the Indian cricket fans to experience AR has come to an end. Indian cricket fans, meet the cool kid on the block “CSK AR App”.


Powered by Fanisko and Binaryface, the CSK AR app uses real-time face effects, lets the fans take a selfie using five different face filters and allows them to share the pictures in social media for bragging rights.

Who doesn’t desire to look like Dhoni?
Well, The CSK AR app provides you with that. Pretty cool, right?

Fanisko has been working their hearts out to take fan engagement to the next level and is successful in solving fan engagement problems for brands and franchises with the millennial fan base. CSK AR App is an excellent example. We turn loyal fans into digital diehards.

Fanisko offers their fan engagement platform Fanisko | Engage as a backend plugin that infuses sports teams apps to engage and retain the connected millennial. Think live play-by-play predictions, AR/VR/MR games, engagement rewards, and a personalized stream of all team news and social buzz – 24/7, 365. Fanisko has further innovated to create hybrid play along fantasy platform Cricking Duels. Fanisko’s connection to CSK is not something new – in 2015, Fanisko (a/k/a Cricking) partnered with CSK for 2015 IPL season as their official Fan engagement partner.

You can download the app, CSK AR from Google Play store.