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Fanisko ENGAGE

We are about redefining fan engagement.

Today’s fans want more from their leagues and teams. We help leagues and teams embrace today’s “SmartFan” demand while maximizing fan potential for sponsors.

Our mobile first, one-stop platform targeting millennials with a combination of unique content strategy, product offering including gaming, predictive and behavioral analytics and AR/VR technologies will target and engage the right audience.

Fanisko ENGAGE is a backend platform powering existing team, league, or sponsor mobile apps to create unforgettable moments with Mixed Reality experiences.

Engage is a modular platform. It was developed with YOU in mind.


The DISCOVER module powers your app with your content. The Engage dashboard allows publishing of your content on to the application in seconds.

Our AI based algorithm scans through plethora of social media data to bring customized, relevant information about you to form a rich fan curated content to supplement your own. Your sponsors want their messages heard. Discover enables your sponsor content to appear in your app native for a great fan experience.

Engage your fans even more with polls and surveys. With the Engage Dashboard, embedding polls and surveys are easy. Whether at the event or otherwise, you will always have the pulse of your fans.

Provide your fans with an unforgettable experience. With our mixed and augmented reality (MR/AR) content that is customized for you, you take fan experience to the next level. With our emphasis on innovation and creative content, you will expand on your niche. Click here to learn more about our AR use case.


Integrating a gaming element into your platform increases fan engagement time significantly. PLAY offers predictive gaming that can be integrated into your app for high-voltage thrills and excitement. The fantasy play plugin requires no support from the league that is fully managed by Fanisko. Or integrate contextual prediction or trivia into your app with complete management on when and how long the questions are open through the dashboard.

We offer motion sensing and augmented reality games to bring fans into the arena. Click here to ask us about our high engaging AR gaming solutions.

Augmented Reality

innovative AR technology enabled better engagement with the fans. CSK fans shared their face filters embedded with sponsor logo on social media and were rewarded with CSK merchandise and gear.

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Services that provide insights when customers are online, the messages and content that work, customer behaviors etc. and implement data driven strategies.


We provide metrics to measure activities and performance, e.g., subscriptions, clicks, page views and so on.

Behavioral Insights

Offer advanced analytics on what works and why to create right content for the right user at the right time.

Predictive Analytics

Mine all of the application data to provide predictive analytics to enable automatic actions marketing automation, content automation etc.

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