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How Fan Analytics Plays a Key Role in Promoting Fan Engagement?

It is safe to say that humanity would not have reached very far if everything was left to chance and speculation. All marketing and other business strategies, in general, function the way they do because they make use of hard data and statistics. Understanding one's fans, their habits and behaviors,…

Fan Engagement Through Fantasy Sports

  Fantasy sports are a common online activity that can combine both the traditional fan base and various interactive components to enhance the overall sporting experience. In a study published in the Journal of Sports Management, in 2011, it was revealed that this player-specific activity has a positive influence on the overall…

How AR is Used in Fan Engagement and Sports Media

The overall sports experience is not as it used to be. If in the past, most of what implied fan engagement revolved around Sunday Football or Baseball October, today's sports fans want to be connected and interact with theirteams and favorite players, 24/7. Software companies have noticed this shift in…

Turning Sports Enthusiasts into Hardcore Fans

Hardcore fans are the lifeblood of any sports team, league, or club. These fans are the ones that live and breathe for their favorite teams and are the ones more than willing to go to every game, purchase merchandise, and follow their teams wherever they go. Not all sports teams…

Fan engagement innovation: Meet CSK AR

Even though still in its infancy, the rise and popularity of Augmented Reality (AR) is pervading into every possible industry in the world with the sports fan engagement leading the business. While other sports like NBA, NFL has gone through countless innovations with AR, The cricket fans, especially in India,…

What Can Sports Brands Do to Get Closer to Their Fans

The entire economy is trying to find ways to better adapt to the speed things are changing everywhere in the world. Sports are not the exception. In the recent past, watching broadcast TV and going to the stadium were the two main ways through which sports brands used to interact…

How GenZ and Millennial Sports Fans Are Changing the Game of Sports

Time does seem to pass faster now that we are in the digital age, doesn't it? It's still a bit hard to come to grips with the fact that the 90's started almost 30 years ago. Yet, those born in 2000 are turning eighteen this year. These 'kids' are the…

Role of Sponsorship in Digital Fan Engagement

It is estimated that over 65 Billion dollars were spent on sponsorships worldwide in 2018. That’s a $2.5 billion increase from 2017. Furthermore, 70% of all that money went into sports. In other words, sports sponsorship is a thriving business and here is an example to prove it.

Fan Engagement Drives Business and Millennials are willing to pay for it

Platforms like the Fanisko Engage help both teams and fans alike by providing all of this scattered content under the same roof. It increases the fans’ engagement time with the team, it offers live play-by-play predictions, top trending content, AR/VR gaming, engagement rewards, fan behavioral analytics, call-to-action campaigns that draw fans to the stadium, all making up for lost revenue.

Technology Is Taking the Sports Fan Experience to a Whole New Level

There is no denying the fact that technology is changing the way fans engage with their teams. On-demand entertainment is pushing advertisers and media companies to look for new ways on how to capitalize on this fragmented digital landscape. TV viewership is slowly fading as fans are now accessing all sorts of streaming packages online.

Keeping up with the Millennial and Gen-Z Tech-Savvy Sports Fan

The world is changing, and it’s changing so fast that many businesses, big and small, can hardly keep up. The same thing can be said about sports leagues and teams who are finding it increasingly hard to engage with their fans in today’s times.

An Inside Look at Manchester United’s Staggering Revenue Through Fan Engagement

With a breathtaking number of 659 million supporters, it is safe to say that the fanbase of EPL giant Manchester United (https://www.manutd.com/) is nothing short of colossal. Let me explain you the significance of this number – this is twice the population of the United States of America and almost half the population of China. Constituting to 8% of the world population, the fan base of  Premier league’s most successful could hold its own ground to become the fourth largest practiced religion after Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism.