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Let Your Fans’ Story Be Heard

Let Your Fans’ Story Be Heard

Sports teams have intricate relationships with their fans, often based on devotion, loyalty and a bit of a love-hate dynamic, depending on how well the team is doing. Many books are about that relationship and its uniqueness. Teams depend on their fans, but fans rarely ever abandon the teams they’re supporting.

You can’t overstate the importance of fans in the functioning of a team, but it also can’t be explained in a few words. And to have the fan engagement you want, you often need to have your fans’ story heard. Let’s have a closer look at the team-fan relationship as well as how sharing fan stories can affect overall engagement.

The Psychology of Being a Sports Fan

Nobody can pinpoint exactly how or why fans pick the teams they will support. Sometimes it’s a family tradition, other times the reason can be as trivial as the color of their jersey or their name. Most of the times, it’s fascination with one or more players.

What’s important to remember when it comes to this relationship is that the sports team eventually becomes a fan’s expression of self, an extension of their identity. It is what creates that strong sense of belonging. What urges fans to say “we” instead of “the team,” what causes them to be so enthralled with the team successes, and so disappointed with unfavorable match outcomes. So how do fan stories help engagement?

Relatability of Fans’ Experiences

When we scratch under the surface and take a look at why even the teams with the worst win-loss track record have devoted fans, we conclude that it isn’t about winning or losing. It’s about sharing an experience with other like-minded individuals, the electric atmosphere of the field before a game, and the unique sense of belonging. When a fan shares their story, other fans can immediately relate — and they’ll want to share their experience.

It is why it’s important to encourage this kind of interaction. Put your fans front and center! Let them tell the world how they fell in love with your team and why. Give them a unique experience, both on the field and off it.

The Power of Social Media and Team Apps

Engage the fans through social media and encourage them to share and connect with other fans. It facilitates stronger connections within the fandom, as well as its stronger connection with your team and a rise in engagement. Give them a place to discuss match outcomes, tactics, a way to compete with each other on who’s more knowledgeable about the team and the sport.

Team app is one way of letting your fans’ stories be heard while increasing engagement. With our SDK-integration platform Fanisko Engage, you can improve your existing team app or build a new one. It offers plenty of features that align with the goal of enhancing the fan experience by getting the fan base to interact.

Making an impact with team apps is possible, primarily when they can provide you with ways to engage fans even when no match is currently being played. Check out our website for more information about Fanisko Engage and its unique features that bring team apps to the next level.