Know Your Fans with AI

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Know Your Fans with AI

Know Your Fans with AI

Know Your Fans with AI

Every business wants a way to really accurately measure customer engagement. This kind of business intelligence is worth its weight in gold as you try to chart a course for a business. We make it our business to help support yours! If you have sports branding or similar campaigns in mind, take a moment to check out how we can outfit your firm with what it needs to succeed.

You might not know it, but there are powerful types of tools out there for this type of project. Our AI visual dashboard design helps to pinpoint fan behavior, and helps business leaders to see how their branding campaigns are being received out there in the Internet universe. That’s helpful to a very great extent in planning for the future.

Our Visual Dashboard Approach

With our visual dashboard design, it’s easy to see how the numbers of activations and active users translate into real engagement on the platform.

You want to know which of your projects are generating the most interest, and how people are using your services.

When you get all of this information in easily digestible charts and graphs, you’re able to make decisions on the fly and put together longer-term reports to help people make decisions together.

AR and Gamification

Because we offer augmented reality and gamification tools for your audiences, we know how important visual processing is. That knowledge base goes into how we design these systems for business use. It also goes into our customer service model as we anticipate some of the biggest pain points our customers will have in achieving what they want to achieve in branding and visibility, as well as engagement and conversion.

Additional Tracking

In addition to looking at your number of active users, which is a benchmark of your business’s engagement health, you can also look at individual challenges. You can see when challenges are undertaken, and when they are completed. You can see which are the most popular with your users.

Analyzing fan audiences is one of the best ways to move your business forward over time, and we have the support resources that you need to build your business plans on solid ground. Take a look at the website for more on how we serve businesses embarking on fan branding campaigns and the audiences that rely on them for infotainment and digital venues. You’ll see the principles of our design on display, and get a first-hand view of how all of this works. Contact us with any questions!