Its all about the fans

Let’s face it!

Whatever might be the size of your sport- big or small, popular or unpopular- nothing without fans.

Leagues like EPL, NFL has an enormous fan following everywhere, and the players are treated as Gods even though they live in a distant land. We must appreciate, analyze their marketing and branding strategy, and the way they take the games beyond boundaries but do they engage the fans off the field?


What are the keys for fan engagement? 

Knowing your fans: 

Firstly, You must understand your fans well. Their needs and what do they love plays a major role.

The fans love to hear about their favourite team/player often. Notifying them about their favourite’s recent activities can keep them glued.

Also, a platform where they can have their say on the topics related to their team or league. Never mind, if it’s implemented or not. Having such a platform itself will make the fans feel empowered and part of the team.

Giving back to the fans: 

Fans never care about monetary rewards, all they want is to be loved and respected in the same way as they show it for their team but few gestures like charity matches or creating a charity foundation help fans to build a bridge of trust and compassion among the fans.

Engaging them during off days:

Did you know?  

The fans are attracted more by the pre-match content. Match days – certainly – will keep the fans involved but around-the-clock fan engagement platform can go a long way in keeping fans engaged for longer durations. As modern technology grows and fans start accessing more digital content, it is important to keep the fans engaged throughout.

About Fanisko: 

Fanisko offers a one-stop fan engagement platform, “Fanisko Engage”, that helps sports brands increase mobile fan retention, digital engagement, and revenue opportunities. We are built on a unique company culture where everyone is passionate about sports, entertainment and care about better fan experience and engagement.

So, if you are any sports association, league or a club planning to deliver an amazing mobile based fan engagement platform to build your fan base, we would like to hear from you.

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