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How Do You Engage Fans in the Age of Short Attention Spans?

How Do You Engage Fans in the Age of Short Attention Spans?

We live in the age of short attention spans – the fact that scientific research has confirmed. Digitalization of all aspects of our lives has brought us some good things, but also plenty of distractions. According to Microsoft Corp. study, we now have an average attention span of about 8 seconds. Whether it stagnates or continues to deteriorate, one thing for sure: the current downward trend is being felt in all industries

When it comes to sport, the decline in ratings and general TV viewership is undoubtedly becoming more worrisome for sports executives. Since fans are overwhelmed by options across a multitude of devices, they can’t keep up. So how do you engage fans in the age of short attention spans?

Millennials as Part of the Equation

While millennials are hardly to blame for the overall drop in ratings, it is interesting to take a look at how they approach sports. For example, Nielsen data for the NFL shows that even though it may seem that ratings have decreased among millennials, the number of millennials who watch NFL has in fact seen an increase. So what caused the drop? It was that millennials watched fewer games, and there was also a decline in the minutes observed per game. As it turns out, fans are starting to watch sports less often, and for shorter periods of time.

The Importance of Keeping Fans Engaged

A decrease in fan engagement is the last thing any sports executive or club desires. In more ways than one, sport thrives precisely off of fan engagement, being the only industry where you get fans and loyalty even if you lack results. For this reason, it’s critical for the sports industry to find ways to battle short attention spans. TV is losing relevance, but merely to alter the platform from TV video to PC and mobile might not be enough. But what if the digital sports experience could innovate in ways that drive more fan engagement?

Battling Short Attention Spans

The fear of missing out drives Today’s generation and that fear should be exploited in productive ways. There are plenty of suggestions for improving fan engagement by feeding them information and making sports even more accessible to follow. Designing products that can make the best out of the digital age is the way to go. Make content more interactive and relevant to the fans, to keep them engaged even on days when no matches are being played.

Digital Platforms for Fan Engagement

Fortunately, some platforms can help clubs and teams engage fans so that they don’t leave to do other things. Fanisko Engage is one such product, as it offers plenty of features that have helped our clients see increased session times and higher engagement. It’s an SDK integration platform that utilizes Mixed and Augmented Reality as well as AI to improve the fan experience, gamification, and personalization.


Industries need to move fast and evolve in the digital era, and sports is no exception. Our product Fanisko Engage provides teams with just the kind of solution they need to stay relevant and attractive to fans. Visit our website for more information on it.