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Integrating a gaming element into your app or social increases fan engagement time significantly. Fanisko leverages fan data, research, and feedback to offer an ultimate fan experience.

Predictive Fantasy Gaming

Predictive play-by-play gaming can be integrated into your app for high-voltage thrills and excitement. It’s a great thing for the fans to showcase their understanding of the mechanics of plays and the playbook. The fantasy play plugin requires no support from the league and is fully managed by Fanisko.

Fantasy Prediction
Contextual Prediction

Engage with your fans allowing them to formulate predictions for various stages of the game. It will give the fans a lot to talk and debate about.

Predict Your Game

Allow your fans to showcase their knowledge of the team or game and reward them accordingly.

The Answer Is
Motion Sensor Gaming

Bring the fans into the game using motion sensor gaming. How about a motion controlled VR game that offers extreme but natural interaction to each game?

Hit a homer
Pick Em

Do you worry about getting backdoored? Not anymore! Try our quick shot pick’ em games and pick your favorite teams or players to win a game! You will also stand a chance to win some cool prizes!

Swipe Em

Try your luck in our swipe ‘em games - swipe right or left to correctly predict the outcome of a live event. The more you predict right, the more your chances are to win cool prizes!

Score Predictor

Fans are encouraged to pick the correct score of a team and compete against friends and fans to win some exciting prizes.

Predict Score