Colorado Rumbles

Fanisko named official fan engagement partner of CO Rumble FC

Fanisko will engage the arena soccer fans to stay up-to-date with the team and its players, while improving the revenue opportunities for CO Rumble FC.

Fanisko, a fan engagement and analytics sports company is pleased to announce a partnership with Colorado Rumble FC as their official fan engagement partner. Fanisko | Engage™ an innovative one-stop digital fan engagement platform helps sports teams to improve conversion of casual fans into digital die hards,  retention of digital fans through gamification and Mixed Reality experiences, increase sponsor ROI and team’s revenue prospects.

“This is an exciting new partnership for our team because many of our fans can keep themselves up to date and highly engaged through this platform. Fanisko can help our team further engage with our fanbase by funneling all of the content, gamification and AR activations on the platform,” said Gary Faircloth, Owner of CO Rumble FC.

This marks Fanisko’s first foray into arena soccer. “Our platform combines augmented reality (AR) for gamification with AI for personalization, thus, allowing sports teams to connect with their fans wherever they are. With Fanisko, the fans don’t just support the team, they ARE the team. Through this partnership, we look forward to increasing mobile fan retention and creating new revenue opportunities for CO Rumble FC” said Sathish Chittibabu, Co-founder & CEO for Fanisko.

Additionally, the new partnership might witness Augmented Reality (AR) / Mixed Reality fan experiences for CO Rumble fans in collaboration with existing sponsors of the team and open up new revenue channel for the team.

About Fanisko:

Fanisko’s innovative platform — Fanisko | Engage™ — infuses a team or league’s app with personalized feeds, social integration, gamification such as polls, trivia and contextual predictions, and AR and VR gaming. The platform also provides fan and sponsor analytics so that teams and sponsors can understand their fans better, and ultimately convert casual fans into digital diehards. 

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