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Fan Behavioral Analytics

Downloads, new users, total users, DAU, MAU, Retention, Sticky factor, sessions, session length.

Content engagement - views, clicks, likes, shares.

Gamification performance - number of activations, unique users, challenges started vs completed, most popular challenges, achievements, leaderboards, motivators etc.

AR activations, engagement, Call through actions etc.,

Fantasy Prediction
Sponsor Analytics

Brand exposure - insights into sponsored content reach within app and effectiveness (e.g., sponsored news vs infographic).

Brand engagement - in-app clicks, likes, shares as well as social media comments and mentions.

Lead generation - demographics and full database of users engaging with the brand.

Personalization - learned contextual relevance in content placement measured by brand exposure.

Predict Your Game
Smart Routing

Serve your customers efficiently by using conversational AI chatbots and personalized messages and notifications to provide excellent customer experiences

  • Promote personalized experiences and improve brand image
  • Improve overall productivity
  • Reduce manual error
  • Improve internal and external communication
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