Fanisko Metaverse Whitepaper

What is Fanisko Metaverse gaming?

The Fanisko Metaverse League combines baseball games and players from several worlds together on a single field, integrating the greatest characteristics and components of blockchain technology and NFTs.

Fanisko Metaverse League is not just a game, but rather a doorway to an exclusive baseball player community from across the universe.

We are establishing our very own “Metaverse,” where members of the community will be able to buy the listed NFTs and participate in several top leagues, and compete against the greatest in the business throughout time.

Fanisko Metaverse League presently has a strategy and launch timeline for three unique blockchain games over the next several months. Fans will have the opportunity to control the whole franchise or league and purchase uncommon items and components.

Three Fundamental Elements

Grow While Gaming

Each game we release will be built on the previous one to produce a diverse range of amazing gameplay structures and distinctive characters that progress on a continuous basis to different levels and talents.

Own and Gain
With each game, your NFT points and value will increase making you an elite game player and a super fan

Get to say
The more powerful you get, the more authority you have over the games and gameplay; you may lend your player to others and gain control over other players.

Our Perception

We feel that the future of online gaming may be summarized as follows:

1- NFT
2- 2D Metaverse
3- XR Metaverse

So, we take the above components and combine them with the different sports to give the user the “Metaverse Madness”. The unique game characters will be adored and appreciated all over the world.

Why us & Why now & Why NFT

We have built a successful fan engagement sports company and have worked with esteemed sports brands such as Sportradar, Dodgers Nation, FIDE, Tech Mahindra, and others. With a strong Web 2.0 foundation built, we are moving towards building a robust metaverse (Web 3.0) platform that will unify gaming, AR/VR, Blockchain, Crypto, and NFT to bring a unique experience to fans so it drives multiple revenue streams for fans, sports organizations, sponsor brands, and the company.

Blockchain games powered by NFTs have grown exponentially in recent years, pushed by NFT proliferation. In recent months, in-game NFTs have generated billions of dollars in transactions. NFT games allow gamers to earn money as they play. The play and earn genre is one of the most significant driving forces behind NFT games, with gamers making P2E games their full-time vocation. The P2E concept in blockchain gaming is simple. Players must play the game and complete game mechanics or particular tasks to be awarded. These are frequently NFTs or tokens. Users may collect these digital things and then trade or sell them in virtual marketplaces found within the game. While playing their favorite games, players may win rewards. However, obtaining rewards when playing NFT games is not as simple as many people imagine. To make the most of their playing time, gamers must first select the appropriate game and then plan their playtime.


As this is the beginning of Fanisko’s Metaverse & NFT adventure, this whitepaper will develop over time as we progress. In truth, this should be labeled a “luminous” document, but our experts disapproved, so it will remain a “Whitepaper.” This Whitepaper explains where we currently stand on the NFT and Metaverse platform development and the corresponding timelines. This Whitepaper also gives a glimpse of our roadmap and what’s in store for our community of die-hard fans.

StoryLine- Back story

You are one of the billions of sports fans on our planet earth. Our earth orbits the sun in the solar system. The sun is one star among the billions in the milky way galaxy. Our milky way galaxy is one among the billions of galaxies in our universe. You are unique in the Universe!

Our Metaverse story happens in The PANCHIA Space, an imaginary spiral galaxy that is 5 million light years away from earth. Our explorers have discovered planets in that galaxy where inhabitants renounced violence after 1000’s years of bloodshed and loss of lives to play a game of rigid wood and mighty ball, that we call “Baseball” on Earth.

The Panchia is the brightest external space visible from the earth’s southern hemisphere. In a dark sky, it’s seen as a smudge of distant light bigger than a full moon.

The multiple planets discovered in the Panchia Space are uniquely made up of Water, Fire, Thunder, Acid, and Grass. Aside from these, explorers have also identified one common resource called Zoharium present on the planets in the Panchia Space. The inhabitants leverage Zoharium as a catalyst to power their abilities. But Zoharium’s usage is limited and controlled by the royal lineage. However, over the years the planet’s inhabitants have developed special skills and abilities to survive and adapt to the changing geopolitical and natural environment.

In the Panchia Space, interplanetary travel happens through Zaaloop – a teleporting pathway that connects all the six worlds. The control of Zaaloop has led to great wars and bloodshed in the history of the Panchia Space. As civilization progressed, the planet’s elders renounced violence and armed struggle in favor of the sport of Baseball to resolve the control of Zaaloop and supreme authority of the six worlds. The elders also agreed to create an elite team called Vothrak Khalasar which consists of the finest, mightiest, ferocious and herculean warriors from all the planets to manage Zaaloop and protect the six worlds from external threat and invasion.

This has helped restore peace and happiness in all the six worlds in the Panchia Space and inhabitants have embraced sports as a matter of pride in their everyday lives. Ever since the Baseball championship is played every year with plenty of fanfare and the winner gets honored at the Fanisko Coliseum, the biggest edifice in all six worlds.


Our stance with Fanisko’s NFTs is that the fans should be able to own NFT assets that will carry value. Our NFTs will be used in Fanisko Metaverse League thereby providing our fans an avenue to earn. This also gives our community additional peace of mind in knowing that the time they spend playing games may be turned into an investment as their playable assets improve in value once they start playing the game;. These assets can then be exchanged or sold on Fanisko’s marketplace.

Collections- NFT

Original collections:
This is the first ever NFT baseball game played in the metaverse between powerful alien species. They play to demonstrate the strength and might of their planets.

These are not ordinary collections; they are something more!
A fan like you created 156 distinct NFT baseball players. Each NFT player has an individual rarity depending on the several “traits” that compensate its composition.

Original Collections

Future Collections:

As indicated before, we will not stop innovating; more avatars, heroes, personalities, and games will be introduced in the future.

Some of the notable anticipated collections are:

Game structureOverview

Fanisko has examined the market, investigated gaming options, and put together three games as a part of the initial rollout and; as confirmed by prominent gaming experts. Are we boasting that our game play will be flawless? Of course not, but it’s a lot better than the vast majority of game concepts that are out in the market.

Game 1:

Pick the right players for the H2H, 3*3 Basic Level, 5*5 Mid Level, 7*7 Ultra Level, and 9*9 Supreme Level.

Different players have different strengths
Certain players have stronger qualities than others and perform according to their strengths in a game. So find and collect the ideal players for your team.

Purchase RARE players to bolster your team
Purchase players on the basis of rarity to bolster your squad, reinforce any possible weaknesses and establish a promotion-worthy squad

Game 2:

Effectively manage your team.

You may also buy and design your own squad. The entire team composition will be twenty-six, with nine being deployed in the game to evaluate their abilities.

You will compete in regular games with your NFT squad. Rotate your team to avoid burnout and injuries within your club.

Conquer the world with your own Baseball Club.

Compete in your league, advance in cup tournaments, and make incredible signings for your club to create your own history.

Each Planet has its own unique fanbase

Your planets’ fans have unique characteristics that influence how they play in the games.

Win games, rank high, and get promoted
Finishing in the top spot earns you a shot at promotion, as well as tokens, elite players, and club enhancements.

Game 3:

The new game will be launched on the basis of AR, VR, and AR glass technologies
Here fans and teams will feel more immersed and involved in the true metaverse

Welcome to Metaverse Baseball League!   MBL – Gaming you never Imagined.

League Vision

Metaverse Baseball League (MBL) is the world’s first Web3 NFT game for Baseball fans, peppy gamers, and NFT dreamers. It is designed to replicate the intensity of real-world baseball gaming in the Metaverse. Read more about Fanisko Metaverse –

MBL, like any other league, is intended to be profoundly immersive, intellectually engaging, creatively advanced, and entertainingly emotive – with the community at the core of its approach.

Our gaming strategy is intelligently incorporated into MBL’s four primary factors: engaging entertainment, inclusive game skills, community economics, and complete fan involvement. We will accomplish each of these four pillars as we proceed in the evolution of MBL games, its development, and community construction through collective engagement.

As fellow gamers, let us work together to create an environment where we have fun while earning money. MBL is our first step… With more to follow in the next few years.


Baseball is a bat-and-ball sport played between two teams of nine players each, taking turns batting and fielding with the goal to score the most runs. If the game is tied at the end of the regulation time, it may go into an “extra innings” until one side scores more runs than the other or other conditions (such as a time restriction) are reached. In baseball, a “run” is scored when a player of one team advances around a series of four stations known as “bases”: first base, second base, third base, and home base (also commonly referred to as home plate).

The goal of the game is to score runs by having a player move from first base to home base. Each time a player completes a full circle of the bases, his or her team receives one run. In baseball, no further scores are attainable until a game is forfeited because one side is unable or unwilling to complete the game. In such a circumstance, the side that did not forfeit is proclaimed the winner with the number of runs equal to the number of innings played. Because professional baseball games are normally nine innings long, such a score would likely be 9-0.

In a baseball game, there are nine defensive positions:

  • Pitcher: The person who delivers the baseball to the batter.
  • Catcher: The person who stands at home plate behind the batter and who catches any ball not hit by the batter.
  • First, second, and third basemen: The three individuals who play at or near each of the three bases.
  • Shortstop: The person who plays in a position midway between the second baseman and the third baseman.
  • Left, right, and center outfielders: The three individuals who play in the “outfield,” the region outside the baseball diamond, toward the left, right, and center of the playing field, respectively.

Blockchain Game

Blockchain technology, which powers cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, is a distributed record of transactions that is maintained by a network of computers. Because the records must be the same across the whole network, the decentralized approach makes it difficult for anybody to change the transaction information.

Because most gaming systems are centralized, gamers may only spend their game winnings – such as XP or in-game cash – in one game. Blockchain games, on the other hand, feature a decentralized paradigm, which means that gamers own their game data and may use it in other blockchain games.

Gaming Overview

The Metaverse Baseball League (MBL) is a blockchain-powered baseball game that takes Fan Engagement and Gaming to the next level. The MBL Player NFTs and in-game assets NFTs are at the center of the game’s ecosystem, which users may use to:

  • Play Head 2 Head and other types of games
  • Become a vital element of the game’s ecosystem
  • Take control of in-game assets and trade NFTs on the marketplace.

As the game matures, there will be more opportunities for to fans to engage-to-earn and play to earn in the Metaverse.

Player NFTs

Every player in a real-world baseball game is unique, exceptional, and precious. The ideal approach to constructing our game is to include this originality into MBL and use NFTs as one of the core elements. MBL is concentrated in NFTs. In the game, there is a wide variety of NFTs for players and assets.

The Metaverse Baseball League (MBL) environment currently has 26,200 players NFTs; this number will grow when new planets and players are released.

Planet 1 – Tozzfreak –  13,100

Planet 2 – Wogzot   –   13,100

MBL Pitcher

  • Immortal
  1. Mattix     – Relief Pitcher
  2. Tashkith – Starting Pitcher

  • Enforcer
  • Ting De      – Starting Pitcher
  • Shaqen     – Relief Pitcher
  • Dojvro       – Starting Pitcher
  • Kelzid        – Starting Pitcher
  • Elxoz – Starting Pitcher
  • Sewar – Starting Pitcher
  • Yemblow – Relief Pitcher
  • Jegzeen – Relief Pitcher

  • Outlaw
  1. Vibeez – Relief Pitcher
  2. Cluvan – Relief Pitcher
  3. Salox – Starting Pitcher
  4. Gulake – Relief Pitcher
  5. Torik – Starting Pitcher
  6. Oslov – Starting Pitcher
  7. Ayatlen – Starting Pitcher
  8. Lovids – Starting Pitcher
  9. Yoksov – Relief Pitcher
  10. Pushtar – Relief Pitcher
  11. Archyera – Relief Pitcher
  12. Cickon – Relief Pitcher

  • Rookie
  1. Bixten – Relief Pitcher
  2. Kirkof – Starting Pitcher
  3. Gihet – Relief Pitcher
  4. Vzard – Relief Pitcher

MBL Batter

  • Immortal
  1. Volder – First Baseman 
  2. Otfik – Right Fielder 

  • Enforcer
  1. Ashter – Right Fielder
  2. Menzo   – First Baseman 

  • Outlaw
  1. Cearsen – Shortstop 
  2. Redolk – Third Baseman
  3. Rokser – Second Baseman
  4. Grenden – Shortstop 
  5. Lovichk – Right Fielder
  6. Nicold – Left Fielder  

  • Rookie
  1. Jekenof – Shortstop
  2. Tomdro – Third Baseman
  3. Crekren – Designated Hitter
  4. Zorkev – Third Baseman
  5. Bealder – Right Fielder
  6. Delkaer – Right Fielder
  7. Osdek – Shortstop
  8. Altsen – Center Fielder
  9. Forxtink – Third Baseman
  10. Wikon – Second Baseman
  11. Fikken – Designated Hitter
  12. Hernen – Second Baseman

MBL Catcher

  • Enforcer
  1. Hoklov – Catcher
  2. Melodven – Catcher

  • Outlaw
  1. Suzik – Catcher
  2. Bekzon – Catcher

MBL Player Rarity and Categories


These Baseball heroes are the type of players that begin at the bottom but have the capacity to advance. When it counts, these player NFTs deliver. These NFTs, when combined with your ability and timing, will have a significant influence on the Metaverse Baseball League!


Player nameAvailable NFTsSpecializationStats
Jekenof800ShortstopBA: 0.232
Tomdro800Third BasemanBA: 0.105
Crekren800Designated HitterBA: 0.211
Zorkev800Third BasemanBA: 0.143
Bealder800Right FielderBA: 0.235
Delkaer800Right FielderBA: 0.180
Osdek800ShortstopBA: 0.152
Altsen800Center FielderBA: 0.182
Forxtink800Third BasemanBA: 0.184
Wikon800Second BasemanBA: 0.213
Fikken800Designated HitterBA: 0.125
Hernen800Second BasemanBA: 0.105


Player nameAvailable NFTsSpecializationStats
Bixten800Relief PitcherSO:52
Kirkof800Starting PitcherSO: 64
Gihet800Relief PitcherSO: 19
Vzard800Relief PitcherSO: 16


These NFT players are real treasures. You won’t be able to discover them easily, and when you do, they’ll be incredibly exceptional in their delivery. When paired with your ability, team, and timing, these Outlaw player NFTs may have a significant influence on a game.


Player nameAvailable NFTsSpecializationStats
Cearsen500ShortstopBA: 0.281
Redolk500Third BasemanBA: 0.279
Rokser500Second BasemanBA: 0.306
Grenden500ShortstopBA: 0.289
Lovichk500Right FielderBA: 0.283
Nicold500Left FielderBA: 0.275


Player nameAvailable NFTsSpecializationStats
Vibeez500Relief PitcherSO:1546
Cluvan500Relief PitcherSO:277
Salox500Starting PitcherSO:1666
Gulake500Relief PitcherSO:152
Torik500Starting PitcherSO:1723
Oslov500Starting PitcherSO:1784
Ayatlen500Starting PitcherSO:2053
Lovids500Starting PitcherSO:1798
Yoksov500Relief PitcherSO:666
Pushtar500Relief PitcherSO:676
Archyera500Relief PitcherSO:657
Cickon500Relief PitcherSO:938


Player nameAvailable NFTsSpecializationStats


These NFTs are the true Enforcers in every sense, as the name implies, in terms of the power they pack and the intensity with which they complement and improve your gaming. These amazing NFTs are difficult to come by, and if you have one, you will almost certainly make it big in the Metaverse Baseball League.


Player nameAvailable NFTsSpecializationStats
Ashter250Right FielderBA:0.328
Menzo250First BasemanBA:0.295


Player nameAvailable NFTsSpecializationStats
Ting De250Starting PitcherSO:2266
Shaqen250Relief PitcherSO:528
Djovro250Starting PitcherSO: 3079
Kelzid250Starting PitcherSO:3097
Elxoz250Starting PitcherSO:3093
Sewar250Starting PitcherSO:2879
Yemblow250Relief PitcherSO:379
Jegzeen250Relief PitcherSO:873


Player nameAvailable NFTsSpecializationStats


The phrase “Immortal” suits the character of these NFTs perfectly – legendary! The Immortal NFT is meant to improve your MBL gaming by adding power, skill, and playability! Having an Immortal NFT offers you an advantage over any other player that has a comparable skill set but on a lower category NFT. These are the most difficult to come by.


Player nameAvailable NFTsSpecializationStats
Volder100First BasemanBA:0.340
Otfik100Right FielderBA:0.342


Player nameAvailable NFTsSpecializationStats
Mattix100Relief PitcherSO:1173
Tashkith100Starting PitcherSO:3371

Baseball Stadiums

The stadium also serves as valuable and profitable real estate for the baseball environment. We will provide special baseball stadium NFTs in the future to integrate into MBL!

Technology description

The newest technology and Fanisko’s game industry experience will be employed in the process of executing the proposed concept and the “Fanisko Metaverse League” project as a whole. This symbiotic relationship of the most recent industry innovations enables the creation of an easy-to-access gaming product that will be available to everyone in every part of the world.

Our Economy and Structure

We researched several economic models and put the best components into Fanisko’s NFT to establish a stable economic environment.
The system is also designed in such a manner that any fan who invests time in the game can make money.

FaniskoLong-term goal:

Our initial focus will be on completing the NFT structure and successfully launching the first three games. After those games are out for the fans and established, new characters, stages, maps, and game types will be added on a regular basis.

We think that with the aid of our community, the “Fanisko Metaverse League” can become a mainstay of the online gaming world, where users can play a variety of games, earn money, meet friends, and engage with a community of like-minded gamers in Metaverse.

Our Vision: To be the premier sports metaverse company that allows regular fans to monetize their sports passion and loyalty in every sport and across all geographies

Our Mission: To democratize access to a free sports market economy for fans by letting them engage, transact, socialize and earn through fan engagement and metaverse experiences converging virtual, augmented, and in-person reality with engage-to-earn and play-to-earn opportunities


Phase 1: Baseball NFTs with 2 planets and 52 players
Phase 2: Baseball NFTs with additional 4 planets and 104 players
Phase 3: NFT gaming (H2H, 3, 5, 7, 9 players Baseball games)
Phase 4: New sports for NFT gaming – Cricket and Basketball
Phase 5: Metaverse gaming for Baseball, Cricket, and Basketball with ownership, player draft, and league-styled championship games
Phase 6: New sports for Metaverse gaming – Soccer and NFL
Phase 7: Metaverse gaming in XR


  • Sathish Chittibabu is the Co-Founder and CEO of Fanisko. Sathish leads a passionate team of sports fans who want to change the future of digital fan engagement. He is responsible for all company matters. He focuses on overall execution, product development, company roadmap & strategy, investor relations, and US Operations. Sathish has worked for Big 4 consulting firms and has helped fortune 100 companies with successful digital transformation and business process changes.
  • Aravind Sampath is the Co-Founder & CBDO of Fanisko. He leads Fanisko’s Operations, Business Development, Partnerships, and Marketing initiatives. Aravind has represented his school and college in multiple sports and has worked for startups in the past and for Fortune 100 companies as a consultant primarily focussing on strategy, business analytics, and business transformation. 
  • Prasanna Sugavanam is the Co-Founder & CPO of Fanisko. He leads Fanisko’s product development and customer account management initiatives. He has 17+ years of experience in Data and Analytics & product development. He has published several research articles in the area of distributed computing in renowned journals and conferences. He holds a patent in the US in the distributed computing space.


  • Rob Thompson, Sports & Entertainment Executive. Rob is the founder of GamePlanU – a global SportsTech startup community connecting Founders, Career Seekers, Investors & Industry Leaders. He is also the host of the SportsBiz Radio Network. He is a well-respected sports & entertainment executive having worked with big brands such as NFL, Disney, and Arena Football League in the past. 
  • Steve LaCroix, Former EVP & CMO, Minnesota Vikings Football. Steve LaCroix has served as the team’s Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, a role in which he oversaw all aspects of Vikings-generated revenues and marketing initiatives. LaCroix entered his 20th season with the Vikings in 2020. He led the team’s Corporate & Technology Partnerships, Ticket Sales & Operations, Partnerships Activation & Special Projects, Corporate Development & Guest Relations, Content & Production, and Marketing & Fan Development departments. In addition, LaCroix led the organization’s Strategic Planning initiatives and was actively involved with all aspects of the 200-acre Viking Lakes development which houses the Viking’s new headquarters – Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center.
  • Amit Vohra, Serial Entrepreneur and Strategic Advisor. Dr. Amit Vohra is a serial entrepreneur, business strategist, and advisor to several healthcare and technology startups. Amit serves as a board member at Navaux and an advisor to Fanisko, Triocula, and UnityDx. Dr. Amit Vohra is currently the President and CEO of Promax – a 100M+ valued innovative health tech company.
  • Manny Brown, President|CEO|COO. Manny’s experience includes leading small entrepreneurial and large institutional companies, both public and private, as well as regulated and non-regulated. His most recent CEO/President/COO roles were with Trust Bank (NYSE: TFC) leading their Commercial Real Estate Finance division; Natural Golf: teaching the Natural Golf Swing of Canadian legend Moe Norman with a line of golf clubs and videos; Apria Healthcare Group (NYSE: AHG) a home healthcare services and equipment provider; and Whitehall Jewellers (NYSE: JWL) a national mall specialty retail business.
  • Gary Lee, Sportradar. Digital Marketing, Content & Fan Engagement strategy executive with heavy experience in helping sports organizations achieve full potential in digital. He has built several prominent fan communities and is passionate about building sports tech solutions specifically in digital fan engagement.


Tech Mahindra Sports Tech, Sportradar


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