How to Create an Emotional Connection with Your Fans

There is a huge issue that many brands, sports teams, and anyone offering a service face today when it comes to building their fanbase. They do not put in the time or effort to make an emotional connection. Too many people want to skip the “real work” and go right to the part where they have engagement and a loyal fanbase. Without creating this emotional connection, this is virtually impossible. 

While it may seem like an impossible task, creating an emotional connection is not as hard as it may seem. Use the tips and information here to begin building yours today

Consider Your Fan’s Journey

The fan’s journey means how they find out about you and how they become a fan initially. What is the journey they have gone on to discover you and fall in love with your team? 

Usually, this is going to happen via television, online, or from personal experience. Once a potential fan gets a “whiff” of what you offer, what you stand for, and what you can do, they will want to learn more. Where will this journey go? This is what you have to consider. Take time to connect the dots to provide the best fan journey possible. 

Remember, a crucial part of any fan’s journey is likely going to be social media. They want to see what their friends say and what random people have to say. Be sure to monitor what is going on and being said to put your best foot forward. 

Build an Email List Then Use It

If you are a fan of something, you want to learn more about it, right? Your fans are going to want to hear from you. It is up to you to keep this line of communication open. While it may seem daunting at first, there are an array of methods you can use to make email marketing easier and more efficient, including automation. Take time to build an email list and then use it to your advantage. By connecting with your fans in this manner, you will be building that ever-important emotional connection. 

Take Your Fans Behind the Scenes 

One of the fastest and most effective ways to build an emotional connection with your fans is by taking them behind the scenes. Use features like Facebook Live and Instagram Live to give your fans a glimpse of something unique. When you provide an exclusive look behind the scenes, your fans will appreciate it and want to see more. Also, this helps them go on the journey with you, which is going to deepen their loyalty. 

If the process of building an emotional connection with your fan base seems daunting, do not worry. The professionals can help ensure you create the connections that mean the most and that you are able to build something that will last. By using the tips here, you will create loyal fans that stick with you for life. 

Fan Advertising and Audience Segmentation

Fan oriented branding and sports and recreation advertising is a very interesting field. It’s something that is developing new facets in the new world of digital advertising and new technologies like responsive design for mobile. 

In this kind of marketing, you’re talking about appealing to people’s interest in sports teams and other similar brands.

We can help – at Fanisko, we’ve developed specific advertising and development services that work on a particular knowledge about how sports advertising and digital branding works. This is something that we’ve thought about quite a bit, as we put together solutions for our clients that match the realities of today’s business world. 

A Core Audience

Unlike a lot of broader digital marketing campaigns, fan-based advertising speaks specifically to a particular audience.

It takes a subset of the population with a specific interest and makes a deep connection. So it’s different than just trying to attract a general audience.

That’s where audience segmentation comes into play. The best campaigns in this type of advertising work when they identify that audience and segment the marketing accordingly. The precision in identifying the fan base is a solid foundation for the actual marketing efforts. It’s almost impossible to overstate the importance of this. Think about the visceral reaction that somebody has when they see their favorite team’s logo on something! That’s the idea that we work from in developing specialized plans for fan base building and sports branding operations. 

Augmented Reality and Gamification

After you’ve done your audience segmentation, you still have to build the user experience.

In our opinion, this is something that a lot of companies really don’t put enough effort into.

We often talk about the power of gamification to improve advertising and customer engagement, and that’s even more important in this special type of campaign. To the extent that you can visualize your efforts, you get really impressive outcomes. In some ways, gamification was “made for” fan advertising!

There’s also the use of augmented reality to improve interfaces. People think about this as Robocop with a digital map over his field of vision but that’s not all that AR represents.

Our use of AR in marketing is a cutting-edge example of how to bring the fruits of modern technology to a specific kind of outreach use application. And it’s something that works. 
Look for more on our web site and get connected to get this branding power for yourself. We are excited about these technologies, and we think that you will be, too.

Benefits of Gamified Marketing for Fan Engagement

Marketing often gets a bad name. That’s simply unnecessary, however, when you gamify your advertising and keep your fans engaged. We’ll help you add the fun that your marketing’s been missing so that the fans you’ve been trying to reach will continue to engage with your mobile application on a regular basis – viewing your advertisements in the process. If you’re not familiar with gamification, we’re here to help you learn about the numerous benefits, including the following: 

Add Fun to Your Marketing
When you opt to gamify your marketing, you add what everyone’s looking for throughout their day – fun! As sports fans go through their workday or spend time at home with their loved ones, they’re likely looking for a few minutes here and there to do something enjoyable. When you gamify your fan app, you’re providing them with just that. Whether they’re swiping to select their picks, playing a mobile game, or engaging with other fans, they’re enjoying the fun that we’re helping you create, without realizing that they’re also taking in advertisements as part of the process. 

Keep Users Engaged with Your App
Our unique gamified marketing helps keep your users engaged, as well. This means that they’ll spend more time interacting with the app, clicking, spinning, and making selections. Throughout this process, they’ll also be exposed to ads and learning more about the things that you’re promoting. Gamification is a great way to keep users engaged with minimal effort, as there’s no need to try to convince them to watch or read an ad. The advertisements are instead embedded in the game that they’re already engaged in throughout the day. This helps keep them interacting with your ads, playing the games that we offer them, and enjoying every moment. 

Affordable Marketing
In-app gamification is one of the most affordable marketing methods available. You can keep your fans happily engaged, spending time with your marketing materials, far more easily than you’d be able to keep them watching actual advertisements. This type of marketing takes a bit of set up on the front end, which we are happy to assist you with, and then you can enjoy the numerous benefits of affordable digital marketing. This is an easy marketing investment that’s sure to get you the results that you need. There’s no reason to drop big money on internet ads, tv spots, or billboards when you can use more affordable marketing methods for more successful results. In-app advertising is a great way to reach customers who are already engaged and interested. Fanisko can help you reach the right market demographic at the right time so that they’ll stay active and engaged. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you gamify your apps and guide your fans to make the important choices.

Augmented Reality for Business: Key Pillars of Innovation

What do you think of when you think about augmented reality?

More than a few people just think about something like Robocop, where Arnold Schwarzenegger’s classic character is looking for bad guys through the lens of a cybernetic dashboard.

That’s a fun way to think about augmented reality, but it’s by no means the only way.

Augmented reality is evolving in the technology sector. Generally speaking, augmented reality means that you’re adding inputs and stimuli to what you naturally see and hear, in order to enhance your decision-making process. It’s now common in automotive technology and beyond, out in the wider business world, and in medicine and transportation – the list goes on. 

So what about AR in your work environment?

Here are some of the components of what we offer to help businesses benefit from augmented reality tools.

Responsive Business

Some of our augmented reality gear relies on the existing network of smartphones and mobile devices that are now so common in business process worlds. Whether it’s BYOD or a company-issued device, these AR tools work on the premise of responsive design, to bring data where it’s needed by porting it onto endpoint devices that are part of our daily lives.

Engagement and Insights

Other aspects of augmented reality are all about engagement. 

These tools are designed to attract user activity, for example, from your customer base, and translate it into valuable business intelligence. For example, you might have customer location data aggregated and tracked carefully, in order to show decision-makers the results on the dashboard. That’s augmented reality of a specific type that’s going to be adding value to your business processes, and it is worth looking into. 

The Promise of Gamification

This is a big word, with a very simple meaning.

Gamification in AR, and in technology as a whole, involves making technology use enjoyable in a fundamental sense. It means crafting a user experience that is easy and accessible, and building engagement that way. There are a number of ways to do this, for example, making user activity into a contest or competitive game, or adding incentives and prizes, or just simply making things more visual to attract the user’s attention.

Some experts talk about the “three cherries” rule in user experience design – the idea that by using classic gaming icons, you can transform a dry and unappetizing application into something that people want to get their hands on. That can be another part of the recipe for businesses that want to be on the vanguard of AR adoption. 
Want to know more? Check out our web site, or contact us for winning AR applications that will work for your company.

Maximizing Fan Interactions: 3 Reasons Your Sports Team Needs an Online Presence

Did you realize that Americans spend over $56 billion on sporting events each year? For the owners and managers of sports teams, finding a way to maximize profits and fan engagement levels is important. Using traditional forms of advertising like print ads or billboards for your sports team will only take you so far. Reaching a wider audience with your brand message is only possible if you embrace the power of technology.

Having an app that uses gamification to engage with fans is crucial for modern sports teams. Once you have your new app developed and ready for launch, you need to unleash a full-frontal assault and advertise this product online. With the help of an online presence, you can increase the number of fans your team has and the amount of money being spent on your merchandise. Here are some reasons why having an online presence is important for your sports team.

1. An Online Presence Helps You Earn Extra Money For the Team

Visit any popular sports team’s website and you are sure to find an online store packed with branded merchandise. Most larger sports teams sell tons of merchandise each year. Driving traffic to your team’s website will require the use of some marketing savvy and hard work. The longer you invest in marketing campaigns designed to attract new fans, the higher your online store sales will ultimately get.

Using live sporting events to drive social engagement is also imperative when trying to sell more merchandise online. Hosting online contests that require participants to attend a live game is a wise move. By doing this, you can sell out your team’s stadium while driving traffic to your online store. Allowing marketing professionals to setup and implement these types of events can help you save time and money.

2. Create a Better Connection With Existing Fans

When trying to create an online presence for your sports team, be sure to keep your diehard fans in mind. You need to make sure that each digital platform you have the sports team on is optimized for fan engagement. Having a section on your website where fans can leave feedback about the team and the online presence it has is smart.

Looking at this feedback from time to time can help you figure out where changes need to be made. For instance, If you receive multiple requests from fans regarding the construction of a new app, you need to take action. Giving your fans exactly what they want will keep them loyal to your brand.

3. Put Your Teams on the Radar of Large Corporations

Landing large corporate sponsorships is something most sports team owners/managers work hard to do. If you are having trouble getting these sponsorships, take a good look at your team’s online presence. Investing in a website, app and social media marketing will allow you to get the right kind of attention from large corporations.

Start Engaging With Your Fans Today!

The first step in creating an online presence is reaching out for professional help. If you need help with your fan engagement or app development, contact Fanisko right now.