Does life form exist in Panchia space?

Everyone feels something when they’re in an “Excellent starry spot” on a “Wonderful starry night” to glance up and see stars gleaming like diamonds. Astronomy enthusiasts are still captivated by the epic beauty and the immense scale of the cosmos. Humans are driven to explore the unknown, discover new worlds and push the boundaries of our scientific and technical limits. . How many outer space civilizations are now present in our galaxy, and how far away is the nearest one? It’s a question that has perplexed humanity for as long as we’ve stared up at the sky, pondering the most existential of all questions: “Are we alone?”. 

To identify and give an answer to the above question Astrophysicist Frank Drake used an equation in 1961 to estimate the number of developed civilizations that may exist in the Milky Way galaxy. That straightforward version is often regarded as the “second most famous equation in physics (after E= mc2),” and it can be found in practically every astronomy textbook.

Drake’s Equation:

N = R * fp nfffc L.   

R∗ = 1 yr−1

The problem is that astronomers don’t know precise values for any of these variables, therefore any computation of the Drake Equation is currently speculative. However, advances in some of these domains have given astronomers a better chance of discovering an explanation.

Our discoverers at Fanisko spent a significant amount of time decoding Drake’s equation in order to detect life resources outside our galaxy. As a first victory, Our team identified “Panchia Space” via our space shuttle and discovered that there are some planets and stars within Panchia Space, similar to the Milky Way. We also made a significant finding after gathering samples from the planets; those samples show that there is a metal that is similar to the indestructible stag, which we named Zoharium. Keeping all of this in mind, our Discoverers devised a new equation from Drake’s formula by including the volume of zoharium and the stars and suns that surrounded that location.

Fanisko’s Equation – FA = S * fp NO *  Z6 *½ ( PL Pi PC*3.14  )* T 

FA -Developed Civilizations inside Panchia Space

S    -Rate at which the Sun forms on Panchia Space

fP   -Fraction of said sun that has planetary systems

NO -Number of planets in a Panchia space with a habitable environment

PL  -Fraction of possible planets that can support life

Pi    -Fraction of life-sustaining planets that can support intelligent life.

PC -Fraction of intelligent civilizations that have survived long enough to develop communication technology that allows them to send signals of their existence into space.

– Amount of time that these civilizations emit signals before ceasing to exist.

Z6 *½  = Zoharium count *Total planets identified / Travel velocity of the planets.

Using the established formula in connection with the recognized volume of stars and planets and the rate of travel velocity calculation, the signals of Panchia space will be retrieved and detected.

According to this equation, if messages or signals are sent into space using the same approach, even if we cease to exist as a species in 3022, there will be 60 intelligent civilizations/planets in Panchia space alone. So far, we have found six surviving planets in Panchia Space that are traveling at a similar velocity, two of which have verified life resources.

Now back to answering the question about extraterrestrial life from Panchia Space.

Extraterrestrials are basically a portrayal of human self-discovery and accommodation—both physical and psychological. It deals with the indivisibility of human nature from its interactions with otherness, and how both of these drive the shape of our individual self-esteem as well as species identity and more importantly validates that “we are not alone”. extraterrestrials, like humans, have developed a magnificent society in their worlds, which appears to be beyond our reach.

Our planet Earth is made up of many minerals, but all of the earth’s resources are dispersed. The tale appears to be different on extraterrestrial worlds, which are formed by a substance called “Zoharium.” With the correct propulsion system, a milligram of Zoharium may even destroy a country; these materials are accessible in several tons. They did not realize the value of that wonderful resource initially, but as time passed, they realized the value, power, and actual potential of Zoharium.

 Fanisko Metaverse — The Panchia Space

You are one of the billions of sports fans on our planet earth.  Our earth orbits the sun in the solar system.  The sun is one star among the billions in the milky way galaxy.  Our milky way galaxy is one among the billions of galaxies in our universe. You are unique in the Universe!

Our Metaverse story happens in The PANCHIA Space, an imaginary spiral galaxy that is 5 million light years away from earth. Our explorers have discovered planets in that galaxy where inhabitants renounced violence after 1000’s years of bloodshed and loss of lives to play a game of rigid wood and mighty ball, that we call “Baseball” on Earth. 

The Panchia is the brightest external space visible from the earth’s southern hemisphere. In a dark sky, it’s seen as a smudge of distant light bigger than a full moon.

The multiple planets discovered in the Panchia Space are uniquely made up of Water, Fire, Thunder, Acid, and Grass. Aside from these, explorers have also identified one common resource called Zoharium present on the planets in the Panchia Space. The inhabitants leverage Zoharium as a catalyst to power their abilities. But Zoharium’s usage is limited and controlled by the royal lineage. However, over the years the planet’s inhabitants have developed special skills and abilities to survive and adapt to the changing geopolitical and natural environment. 

 In the Panchia Space, interplanetary travel happens through Zaaloop – a teleporting pathway that connects all the worlds. The control of Zaaloop has led to great wars and bloodshed in the history of the Panchia Space. As civilization progressed, the planet’s elders renounced violence and armed struggle in favor of the sport of Baseball to resolve the control of Zaaloop and supreme authority of the six worlds.  The elders also agreed to create an elite team called Vothrak Khalasar which consists of the finest, mightiest, ferocious and herculean warriors from all the planets to manage  Zaaloop and protect their worlds from external threats and invasion. 

This has helped restore peace and happiness in all the worlds in the Panchia Space and inhabitants have embraced sports as a matter of pride in their everyday lives. Ever since the Baseball championship is played every year with a lot of fanfare and the winner gets honored at the Fanisko Coliseum, the biggest edifice in all of the Panchia Space. 

Fanisko Metaverse — An Overview

Over the past year, the term Metaverse has gained significant traction with many definitions around immersive virtual experiences, a decentralized community with a creator economy of its own supported by the Blockchain infrastructure collectively called Web3.0. Metaverse is powered by AR, VR, and 3D technologies via content, services, gaming, etc., to merge the physical and virtual worlds. Metaverse is the successor to the mobile internet era as emerging technologies continue to push our traditional notions beyond borders with new inventive use cases across all sectors. Sports has always been a great industry to adopt innovative technologies and Metaverse seems to be the next logical step in connecting fans digitally to elevate fan engagement to a new level of creativity.

Fanisko is a sports metaverse company that uses unique fan interaction technologies to assist sports fans and organizations engage and generating additional premium income. We have extensive experience in Digital Transformation, Data Analytics, and Fan Engagement. We provide next-generation fans with Social AR, Web gamification, and App fan interaction tools. Our platform assists sports organizations in engaging, retaining, and monetizing their fan base. We have collaborated with a number of major sports organizations to provide fans with immersive experiences. We have engaged millions of fans globally and assisted our partners in growing their fan bases.

Sports has been a unifying connection for many people, including us, the founders of Fanisko. However, sports fans have been just spectators with little access to the sports digital economy. Fans may gain greatly from the booming digital economy in sports by participating in Metaverse and NFT games. Fanisko will enable ordinary sports fans to monetize their sports passion and devotion across all sports and regions.

The Fanisko Metaverse league attempts to bring together Baseball games and players from multiple Fanisko-created worlds on a single field. This is our first Metaverse game, and we are including the best features and components of blockchain technology. Fanisko Metaverse League is more than a game; it’s a portal to an exclusive baseball player with extraordinary abilities from all over the world, and with our very own “Metaverse,” members of the community will be able to purchase the listed NFTs and compete in numerous top leagues.

Our web3 solutions enable fans to buy baseball NFTs from our own marketplace (coming soon) and use them in Metaverse games to compete and earn rewards. Many more sports NFTs and Metaverse games will be available in the future. We now have a plan and launch schedule in place for three distinct blockchain games over the next several months, in which fans will be able to manage the whole franchise and acquire rare players, properties, and components. 

Stay tuned to hear more from us! Let’s meet in the Metaverse! 

How the Metaverse Can Benefit Your Gaming Experience

Do you ever stop to wonder how you played all types of games without the metaverse? There’s no need for you to leave your home to spend hours at the arcade playing games that you love. Nowadays, it’s so easy and convenient for gamers to sit from the comfort of their homes to play a variety of fun virtual games. 

One popular trend that you may have heard about is the metaverse. You can immerse yourself in the metaverse, which is a virtual universe that involves the use of augmented and virtual reality technologies. Here’s how the metaverse can have a positive impact on your gaming.

Varied Gaming Communities

The metaverse is an inviting space that makes it easier for gamers from all over the world to converge. The metaverse allows you to build a community of gamers for both genders, play games, and have an entertaining time. The metaverse is the ideal space that is beneficial to everyone. It allows gamers from all walks of life to stay connected, share similar gaming interests, and relax.

Enhanced Experience

When playing games in the metaverse, gamers will have an enhanced experience. The metaverse gives you a close-to-reality visual gaming experience, where you can have interactions with other gamers, trade in-game assets, and other exciting benefits that you would not get from traditional gaming.

Good Posture

While you’re gaming, you may not think about the importance of maintaining good posture. Poor posture can cause lower back pains, neck pains, tension-type headaches, and other ailments. Poor posture can also prevent you from enjoying your games when you’re feeling certain types of discomfort and pains. 

On the other hand, the metaverse prevents you from sitting in an uncomfortable chair for long periods. To enter a virtual reality world, you can simply put on a headset to have a comfortable, gaming experience.

Key Takeaway

The metaverse is a gaming platform that gamers cannot resist because it gives you the freedom to experience a higher level of fun than you normally would with traditional gaming. This mainstream technology continues to rise in popularity and is attracting tons of gamers. By immersing yourself in this innovative technology, you can expect a powerful visual experience.

The metaverse is designed to allow gamers to experience fun playing sessions in a virtual space that replicates the real world. So, if you’re looking for a better way to play games, the metaverse is the ideal virtual platform that you must use.

Three Big New Gaming Trends: Play To Earn, Etc.

Are you wondering about the biggest new trends in digital gaming? We’re on top of a lot of this new stuff as it occurs. Here are some of the interesting things to know about how online and digital gaming is working today.

Play To Earn

There is a very new philosophy in online gaming that’s based around a new way of rewarding players.

It’s called play to earn, and it works this way – in-game rewards help to grow a player’s bankroll and keep them engaged and motivated to keep playing.

This is fundamentally different than the old way of casino gaming – in fact, it’s the opposite. You may be used to hear people talking about how the “house always wins” in gaming, and it’s made people fatalistic. They still played, but they thought about the end of the night, when they would lose their whole stake and have to go home.

“Play to earn” is revolutionary in this regard. It leverages the power of digital assets and frictionless transactions to enrich and reward the diligent player through things like bonuses, bankrolls, rate backs, and more.

If you’re into digital gaming, you owe it to yourself to check out the play to earn concept and how it’s integrated in our site.

Meta-Verse Gaming

Meta-verse gaming is getting big. It’s growing quickly. We accommodate this with our NFT services and a player’s ability to transact on their NFTs, buying or selling NFTs through our specific marketplace. Take a look at 2D and 3D animated NFTs and how we utilize augmented reality to provide an environment for these assets.

In our view, this is really something that companies can’t afford to ignore. The meta-verse is rushing at us at 100 miles an hour, but a lot of people still aren’t thinking about how this is going to revolutionize various industries including gaming. In the gaming sports world, it’s particularly relevant in a few key ways. Check out the rest of the website for more.

Gamification of Routine Tasks

You want your athletic audience to be engaged with your brand. One way to do that is to embrace the principle of gamification.

This is one of the more long-standing trends that predated things like play to earn. As the Internet grew and matured, it became a place where people could offer gamification services directly through a browser. Even though a browser is inherently a stateless platform, cookies and beacons and other additions allow for save-game data, and companies started to build gamification. into their sites. This is abundantly common today, and we take note of this in our own online digital service models.

Talk to Fanisko about your fan base and how new modern digital trends can help improve your relationship with your fans!