Fanisko Tech Mahindra Partnership Announcement

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Tech Mahindra, a global leader of digital transformation, consulting and business reengineering services. Tech Mahindra, through their Sportstech vertical, is bringing their wealth of expertise to help sports teams and leagues address their digital transformation needs.

Sathish Chittibabu, Co-founder & CEO 

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Tech Mahindra, a global leader of  digital transformation, consulting and business reengineering services. Tech Mahindra, through their Sportstech vertical, is bringing their wealth of expertise to help sports teams and leagues address their digital transformation needs. 

This partnership will make Fanisko and Tech Mahindra leverage each other’s strengths to enhance fan engagement and revolutionize the live viewing experience for fans and extend it beyond the live event to build a tribe of loyal fans for the sports teams and leagues. In addition, it will help create interesting use cases and present innovative business models of monetization for sports organizations across the world. 

Fanisko is an emerging leader in the digital fan engagement space helping sports organizations increase and enhance their digital assets and devise strategies to add new revenue channels through sponsor activations and commerce. Engaging fans goes beyond the live sporting event.  We have helped professional sports teams to create their own digital fan engagement platform and reduce dependency on rented platforms (Social Media) to create meaningful fan experiences. 

Fanisko offers high end fan experiences through Gamification, Augmented Reality (AR), personalization, loyalty rewards to help sports organizations engage and retain fans on their own platform. Our platform also enables these sports organizations with Social AR capabilities to provide immersive experiences to fans on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok so fans can create their own personalized experiences and connect with them. In fact, Fanisko has engaged tens of thousands of fans for more than 7M engagements and 17,000+ hours. Fanisko’s expertise has increased engagement times by 40% and organic new follower growth by 20%.

Sports organizations and their associated sponsor brands have a big challenge in engaging fans digitally due to fan-less stadiums. This will be a challenge even when fans are allowed back into the stadiums since nobody knows what the new normal is going to be. These organizations will have to be smart and start strategizing on how to identify high value fans and convert them into consumers. Fan Engagement needs to be executed as a holistic 365 days strategy to make revenue through digital sponsor activations a viable channel.

Fans are demanding personalized interactive experiences from sports organizations and to drive engagement and loyalty, sports properties will have to think digital as one of their top priorities. Brands are also demanding measurable ROI and relying on traditional methods of sponsorships such as billboard displays and logo slapping in jerseys have become things of the past.

Together with Tech Mahindra, we will be able to go to the market faster and develop joint IP around some of the cool front end activations that the fans can experience. Tech Mahindra’s association with several leading global sports properties and brands will also help us to power these organizations with our cutting edge technology. This partnership will enable both the companies to reach the sports organizations, sponsor brands and fans faster and show a rapid increase in revenues and growth.

Manish Upadhyay, Head – Global Business Development, Sports Vertical, Tech Mahindra, said, “We are currently working with Fanisko to build a sports ecosystem through various use cases, which can help us to identify, engage and monetise from a wider fan base. This involves co-creating various digital assets based on our core strength in 5G, analytics and digital. Our vision is to provide hyper personalised and augmented experience to global sports fans and drive brand activations, that can help sports properties to transform into digital properties and monetise on new revenue streams.”

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Know Your Fans with AI

Every business wants a way to really accurately measure customer engagement. This kind of business intelligence is worth its weight in gold as you try to chart a course for a business. We make it our business to help support yours! If you have sports branding or similar campaigns in mind, take a moment to check out how we can outfit your firm with what it needs to succeed.

You might not know it, but there are powerful types of tools out there for this type of project. Our AI visual dashboard design helps to pinpoint fan behavior, and helps business leaders to see how their branding campaigns are being received out there in the Internet universe. That’s helpful to a very great extent in planning for the future.

Our Visual Dashboard Approach

With our visual dashboard design, it’s easy to see how the numbers of activations and active users translate into real engagement on the platform.

You want to know which of your projects are generating the most interest, and how people are using your services.

When you get all of this information in easily digestible charts and graphs, you’re able to make decisions on the fly and put together longer-term reports to help people make decisions together.

AR and Gamification

Because we offer augmented reality and gamification tools for your audiences, we know how important visual processing is. That knowledge base goes into how we design these systems for business use. It also goes into our customer service model as we anticipate some of the biggest pain points our customers will have in achieving what they want to achieve in branding and visibility, as well as engagement and conversion.

Additional Tracking

In addition to looking at your number of active users, which is a benchmark of your business’s engagement health, you can also look at individual challenges. You can see when challenges are undertaken, and when they are completed. You can see which are the most popular with your users.

Analyzing fan audiences is one of the best ways to move your business forward over time, and we have the support resources that you need to build your business plans on solid ground. Take a look at the website for more on how we serve businesses embarking on fan branding campaigns and the audiences that rely on them for infotainment and digital venues. You’ll see the principles of our design on display, and get a first-hand view of how all of this works. Contact us with any questions!

Not Just a Gimmick

When people tend to think of gamification and augmented reality, they tend to think about it in one of two ways.

One big section of people will see those words and just say “what the heck are those? I don’t know anything about that.”

Some of the more tech-savvy people will look at the words and say “oh yeah, that’s just some kind of dressing up for websites and mobile apps, where you add a couple of cute pictures and icons to try to draw people in…”

The Real AR Trend

We think about it in a very different way. At Fanisko, where we help companies to engage a fan base, we know that there’s a whole other dimension to AR and gamification that is really effective, that isn’t just a gimmick or a type of little distraction. In fact, we would argue that the reaction to some of these visual designs is pretty reactionary and comes from a place of 20th-century nostalgia.

To put it another way, suppose your dad came down to breakfast and saw that your phone sported a picture of you with your favorite team’s logo on your cheek, and confetti raining down from the digital sky.

You’re likely to get some kind of snort or humbug, because it kind of offends his sensibilities in contrasting the digital world with the physical world that the last generations grew up with every day.

But we’re in a new world now, and a lot of these new technologies are very effective when you use them correctly. We explain to our customers how audience segmentation and AR implementations work. Then they understand that although some Luddites might not be attracted to this type of platform, a new emerging generation really does want to engage through these types of interfaces.

In a very simple key way, it is all about the interface. We explain this to clients in depth as we put together custom projects. It’s all in how people interface with technology. When your company spends more time thinking about this and building a customized plan, you see results. You see improvements in conversion and profit. You see influencers who are more enthusiastic about your company and its products and services. Take a look at the website to understand more about how this type of campaign optimization works. You can learn about digital sponsorship activation, peruse case studies, and check out our informational blog to stay informed about how modern marketing works – because it does!

How to Create an Emotional Connection with Your Fans

There is a huge issue that many brands, sports teams, and anyone offering a service face today when it comes to building their fanbase. They do not put in the time or effort to make an emotional connection. Too many people want to skip the “real work” and go right to the part where they have engagement and a loyal fanbase. Without creating this emotional connection, this is virtually impossible. 

While it may seem like an impossible task, creating an emotional connection is not as hard as it may seem. Use the tips and information here to begin building yours today

Consider Your Fan’s Journey

The fan’s journey means how they find out about you and how they become a fan initially. What is the journey they have gone on to discover you and fall in love with your team? 

Usually, this is going to happen via television, online, or from personal experience. Once a potential fan gets a “whiff” of what you offer, what you stand for, and what you can do, they will want to learn more. Where will this journey go? This is what you have to consider. Take time to connect the dots to provide the best fan journey possible. 

Remember, a crucial part of any fan’s journey is likely going to be social media. They want to see what their friends say and what random people have to say. Be sure to monitor what is going on and being said to put your best foot forward. 

Build an Email List Then Use It

If you are a fan of something, you want to learn more about it, right? Your fans are going to want to hear from you. It is up to you to keep this line of communication open. While it may seem daunting at first, there are an array of methods you can use to make email marketing easier and more efficient, including automation. Take time to build an email list and then use it to your advantage. By connecting with your fans in this manner, you will be building that ever-important emotional connection. 

Take Your Fans Behind the Scenes 

One of the fastest and most effective ways to build an emotional connection with your fans is by taking them behind the scenes. Use features like Facebook Live and Instagram Live to give your fans a glimpse of something unique. When you provide an exclusive look behind the scenes, your fans will appreciate it and want to see more. Also, this helps them go on the journey with you, which is going to deepen their loyalty. 

If the process of building an emotional connection with your fan base seems daunting, do not worry. The professionals can help ensure you create the connections that mean the most and that you are able to build something that will last. By using the tips here, you will create loyal fans that stick with you for life. 

Harnessing The Power Of Augmented Reality As A Sales And Marketing Tool

For any brand to become and remain successful, the marketing strategy needs to embrace technology. Smartphones, social platforms, as well as the internet, have thrust consumers into a new world when it comes to how information is received. Brands now not only can continuously keep themselves in front of their target audience through the use of these technological advances, but they can also engage with the consumer. 

For any brand to become and remain successful, the marketing strategy needs to embrace technology. Smartphones, social platforms, as well as the internet, have thrust consumers into a new world when it comes to how information is received. Brands now not only can continuously keep themselves in front of their target audience through the use of these technological advances, but they can also engage with the consumer. 

Mobile Devices Open Opportunities

In order to remain competitive in today’s modern world, mere web presence is not enough. Brands must harness the power of technology to build their empire. Mobile use has emerged as one of the most significant types of media through which brands can interact with their target audiences. 

Augmented Reality And Brand Connection

Consumers are making purchasing decisions on their mobile devices, which has led to an emerging trend with sales and marketing strategies called Augmented Reality (AR). AR allows brands to provide unique experiences to their customers with the convenience of tapping into their mobile devices. This ability affords brands a powerful tool when it comes to driving sales and enhancing brand value. 

Purchasing Power of Augmented Reality

AR has completely altered how consumers make purchases, offering the potential for businesses to add a digital component to their physical locations, products, and services. Customers are now capable of pulling up an AR experience tailored either to providing product information or other forms of supplemental brand experience. 

A More Interactive Consumer Experience

In this type of application, AR can reach into an endless number of industries and markets where customer service is key. For instance, in fan-based industries that sell tickets to events, AR can allow consumers to view a 3D display of the stadium or event space to visualize their potential view from specific seats before purchasing the tickets. 

Changing The Marketing Landscape

These types of connections that AR has brought to the market has forever changed the landscape of how brands engage with consumers, and how consumers will expect to receive information about the products and services they purchase. Not only does AR provide companies with more significant methods of delivering exceptional services, but it also encourages consumer participation. 

Fanisko is the leading augmented reality branding force behind the success of fan-based franchises that have harnessed the power of this advanced technological sales and marketing tool. Through a wide range of creative AR applications and uses, Fanisko can provide brands with the ultimate in digital marketing platforms. 

Augmented reality is becoming the driving force behind successful marketing and sales campaigns. By integrating AR into a brand’s strategy, forward-reaching businesses will be able to continually upgrade the experiences they offer their customers, increasing opportunities for future profit from sales.