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Benefits of Gamified Marketing for Fan Engagement

Benefits of Gamified Marketing for Fan Engagement

Marketing often gets a bad name. That’s simply unnecessary, however, when you gamify your advertising and keep your fans engaged. We’ll help you add the fun that your marketing’s been missing so that the fans you’ve been trying to reach will continue to engage with your mobile application on a regular basis – viewing your advertisements in the process. If you’re not familiar with gamification, we’re here to help you learn about the numerous benefits, including the following: 

Add Fun to Your Marketing
When you opt to gamify your marketing, you add what everyone’s looking for throughout their day – fun! As sports fans go through their workday or spend time at home with their loved ones, they’re likely looking for a few minutes here and there to do something enjoyable. When you gamify your fan app, you’re providing them with just that. Whether they’re swiping to select their picks, playing a mobile game, or engaging with other fans, they’re enjoying the fun that we’re helping you create, without realizing that they’re also taking in advertisements as part of the process. 

Keep Users Engaged with Your App
Our unique gamified marketing helps keep your users engaged, as well. This means that they’ll spend more time interacting with the app, clicking, spinning, and making selections. Throughout this process, they’ll also be exposed to ads and learning more about the things that you’re promoting. Gamification is a great way to keep users engaged with minimal effort, as there’s no need to try to convince them to watch or read an ad. The advertisements are instead embedded in the game that they’re already engaged in throughout the day. This helps keep them interacting with your ads, playing the games that we offer them, and enjoying every moment. 

Affordable Marketing
In-app gamification is one of the most affordable marketing methods available. You can keep your fans happily engaged, spending time with your marketing materials, far more easily than you’d be able to keep them watching actual advertisements. This type of marketing takes a bit of set up on the front end, which we are happy to assist you with, and then you can enjoy the numerous benefits of affordable digital marketing. This is an easy marketing investment that’s sure to get you the results that you need. There’s no reason to drop big money on internet ads, tv spots, or billboards when you can use more affordable marketing methods for more successful results. In-app advertising is a great way to reach customers who are already engaged and interested. Fanisko can help you reach the right market demographic at the right time so that they’ll stay active and engaged. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you gamify your apps and guide your fans to make the important choices.