How AI Is Driving Fan Engagement

For tomorrow’s fans, there is no doubt that the viewing experience of the future will continue to evolve. Even watching an ordinary game from your seat will be integrated with richer, all-encompassing experiences that embrace innovative technology.

Future generations will have the ability to consume enormous amounts of information in short periods, including all sorts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. From live background data on players, current statistics, and other aspects that immerse fans in sports in real-time, AI technology will forever change how we interact with our favorite sporting events.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the innovative ways AI will boost fan engagement in the sporting industry.

Sports Betting And Fantasy Games Get Real With AI

Fans of the future will be primarily made up of generations of people who are well versed in gaming and technology. Fantasy sports and sports betting will experience a resurgence of popularity through the integration of AI, which will make this arena more attractive to techno-savvy fans.

Fantasy games will be the top consumers of data and its analysis, and AI will be indispensable in this endeavor. AI excels in making sense of unstructured and structured data, making fantasy games and sports betting a more personalized experience for fans and a more lucrative one for the industry.

AI Delivers An Immersive Experience For Sports Fans

Our society is increasingly dependant on immediate access to information in all areas of daily life. The future fan will want constant updates on players, teams, stats, and other information such as access to team websites and sports networks. AI can offer sports fans access to increasingly complex statistics on everything sports offers, boosting fans’ ability to engage in all types of sporting scenarios.

Fans Will Receive Tailor Made Interactions Through AI

Through AI technology, future fans will have a unique fan profile that is recognizable by the AI. AI will know each fan’s specific preferences, purchases, and sporting attendance history, enabling the technology to provide personal treatment unheard of by today’s standards. Fan communication will become more critical than ever before, focusing on improving fan experience through real-time information disbursement and data collection.

Final Thoughts

This personal AI-driven experience will offer immersive interactive experiences for fans and generate revenue streams for athletic organizations and companies. With the service levels provided by AI, the future looks bright for sports fans and the sporting industry alike.

Be In On The Game With The Help Of Innovative Technology

It is a known fact that modern society revolves around entertainment. We love doing things that entertain us to reduce stress and break up the monotony of life, such as watching television and movies and playing video games and sports. 

Video games and sports are two of the largest industries for entertainment around the globe, and there’s no question as to why. Everyone loves to sit down and watch a good football game just as much as they like to pick up a controller and play a video game. As technology increases, entrepreneurs and business owners have found ways to merge sports and video games to create the ultimate experience for fans. 

Technology Let’s You In On The Game

Initially, video games and sports were two separate entities, but technology allows you to play sports in video games. Numerous companies have begun to market sports-related video games and have seen significant success because of this. These games let you play as your favorite athletes and compete in virtual matches against other online oponents. 

Mixing some fiction with reality, these games allow sports fans to get a piece of the action firsthand, all from the comfort of their own homes. Plus, they don’t require any athleticism or real sports expirience to play.

Expanding Sports Viewing Platforms

Taking things a step further, companies saw how lucrative standard sports games were and decided to create apps that allowed you to view and play sports games all from your phone. That’s right; you don’t even need a computer or television to watch your sports events as you can do it all from your phone. 

Not only can you watch sports events with these apps, but you can play sports-related video games aswell. This is perfect for when you’re on the go and need a quick sports fix. Never miss a match when you can pull it up right from your phone!

Augmented Reality Ups The Anti

Both of these ways of allowing fans to interact with the sports they like are good, but new technology has just made them even better. Augmented reality, or AR for short, is a digital concoction that fuses reality with video games. This is done through intense visual, auditory effects and aims to give the user the feeling that what they’re expirinceing is real. 

Many sports companies have begun to implement augmented reality as a new way for fans to watch and interact with their favorite sports.  This new technology is game-changing for fans and companies alike and is defiantly something to look into if you love sports.

Three Effortless Ways To Escape Stress And Anxiety

With the health pandemic still wreaking havoc on our society, many of us have been confined to our homes and are forced to limit the time we spend outside of them. Our hobbies and extracurricular activities have either changed or been eviscerated by the changes in our world. Not only does this significantly impact our daily lives, making it more challenging to go to work, school, shopping, etc., but it also takes a toll on our mental health. 

Being stuck inside all day is not only inconvenient, but it is incredibly dull as well. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do within your own home to help fight boredom, stay entertained, and boost your brainpower.

Grab A Novel And Sink Into A Story

Nowadays, people rarely pick up a book and just read it cover to cover as they would rather watch T.V. or endlessly scroll through social media. Most people see reading as a thing of the past and don’t have the attention span to sit through an entire book. If you are stuck inside all day, you might as well be productive, and reading can help with that. 

Not only will you be improving your cognitive abilities, but you will also be fighting boredom at the same time. Reading transports you into a story and gives your brain something else to focus on rather than your to-do lists, reducing stress along the way. 

Get Creative

Another thing which you can do in the comfort of your own home is to draw or paint. Many people think that you are just born with artistic talents and fail to determine your skill level. In reality, anyone can learn to draw with patience and practice, so why not give it a shot? 

Drawing and painting are excellent ways to express creativity and pass the time, and they can be pretty entertaining in the process. If you spent all the time stuck in your house drawing, then you might just turn out to be the next Picasso!

Immerse Yourself In Augmented Reality

Finally, if reading and drawing isn’t your cup of tea, then maybe Augmented reality is. Augmented reality, or AR for short, is basically like a video game on steroids. Since Augmented reality uses digital effects and visuals to enhance elements of reality, many people find themselves completely immersed in a digital world. This is by far the best way to fight boredom in your own home. Are you feeling tired of staring at your walls? Just put on your AR headset, and you’ll be transported to a whole different world where you can forget all about your troubles and boredom. If you like video games, you’ll love AR.

Four Big Tips For Your UI/UX

What’s in a user interface?

If you’ve never asked yourself this question, now is the time.

Companies that are creating mobile apps, web apps or anything else digital will have to really think about how to reach end users, with systems that are designed well and improved as far as optimal user interface and user experience.

In other words, UI/UX is not a buzzword for no reason. It’s really incredibly important and that’s why a lot of people are talking about it right now.

Here are four big tips for creating the best UI/UX for your company resources.

Tidy Controls

Having an intuitive user interface means having the controls where they need to be on a page or screen. Think about how to create the right icons and source the right elements to have controls that users find it easy to take advantage of in a particular scenario. They want good service! Think of it that way, and design accordingly.

Easy Access

One of the biggest problems with a bad user interface is obstacles to easy access, from an introductory screen to features and content.

If people have to do multiple password resets and multifactor authentication doesn’t work right, many of them are going to be turned away. On the other hand, when they have a convenient way to work with app security, that’s a feather in your cap!


This goes along with the intuitive interface controls mentioned above, but layout is incredibly important. What the user sees is going to frame what they do. So they need to see something that they understand and like. They have to feel at home. How do you figure this out? A/B testing and beta can help.


Having adequate support for an application or interface gives people a much-needed out when they encounter serious problems. Maybe only a few percent of users will encounter these problems, but if they do, they need to know they have a solution on hand.

We are the premiere web app and mobile app dev helpers in this part of the field. We understand the task of engaging fans, reaching audiences and ramping up numbers with UI/UX that works! If you feel you are behind the 8-ball when it comes to design or implementation, get help from a firm that understands the nature of this kind of work. It’s second-nature to us! And we are here to help you to build campaigns that vault your company toward success.

Fanisko Gets Recognized As One of the Best Sports Companies in Illinois

Recently, the team at Best Startup published a list of the best startups and sports companies in Illinois. This list featured tons of great companies, but the mention we are most excited about is Fanisko. Our team works incredibly hard to help sports teams reach a wider audience. We were glad to see that this hard work is being noticed by so many people both in Illinois and around the world.

One of the main things we think we have to offer is an innovative approach to connecting with sports fans. It is this innovation that has helped up drive digital fan engagement for teams like the New Mexico Ice Wolves and the Jamaica Tallawahs. Find out more about Fanisko’s innovative approach to fan engagement by reading the information below.

We Build Great Apps For Our Clients

Modern sports teams are constantly looking for ways to engage with their fans. The average person finds out about their favorite teams by using either a mobile device or their desktop. If a sports team wants to expand its reach, then having a mobile app is crucial. At Fanisko, we understand how important a great mobile app is to our clients. This is why we bring both innovation and tons of experience to the app development process.

Our Agile approach to app development allows us to take on new projects and complete them in quickly. Once we are done constructing your app, our team will work with you to ensure that the adoption of this new app is simple. We provide training to members of your team and ongoing support. With our help, you can launch and manage a new app that your fans are sure to love.

Use Augmented Reality To Reach Your Audience

Over the past few years, augmented reality has burst onto the consumer technology scene. Popular apps like Pokemon Go and Snapchat filters use augmented reality to provide users with an immersive and fun experience. Do you want to bring this same technology to the fans of your sports team? If so, Fanisko is here to help.

With the power of augmented reality, you can provide exclusive content to your fans that is both branded and easy to engage with. Many teams are using face augmented reality in their marketing campaigns because of their popularity. This tool can be adjusted to feature your logo or other branding elements.

Let Us Bring Gamification To Your App

Fantasy sports leagues are extremely popular all over the world. These leagues allow people to show off their knowledge of their favorite sports and the best players on their favorite teams. Adding a gamification element to your app can make it wildly popular with lovers of fantasy sports. The fantasy play plugin we offer does not have to be supported by your league. We will also fully manage this aspect of your app, which makes your life much easier.

With the help of Fanisko, your sports team can expand its reach and pick up tons of new fans in the process.