How To Collect Data from Fans of Your Sports Team

The main goal of any sports team owner is to boost fan engagement. Most sports team managers and owners realize that increasing fan engagement is a great way to enhance profitability. Instead of relying on gut feelings to find new ways to connect with your fans, you need to realize the importance of gathering data. 

The more you know about who your fans are and what they want, the easier it will be to improve engagement levels. Are you looking for effective ways to gather data from the fans of your sports team? If so, here are some things you need to consider. 

Social Media Provides Lots of Useful Information

Around 200 million Americans classify themselves as sports fans. The average sports fan looks for opportunities to connect with their favorite teams. One of the best venues to use to connect with fans of your sports team is social media. Using platforms like Instagram and Twitter to keep your fans informed and engaged can benefit your team greatly. 

Monitoring the comments on the posts made on your team’s social media page can help you collect lots of useful data. These comments can help you pinpoint problems with your current marketing strategy. You also need to collect data from the people that visit your team’s website. 

Data regarding where a person lives and how they found your team’s website is crucial. By collecting this type of data, you can develop a profile of who the typical fan is and what they want. 

Get Fans To Sign Up for Game Day Events

Hosting special events for fans of your sports team is crucial when trying to keep them engaged. Team-sponsored tailgating events and fan sweepstakes are just a few of the things you should be hosting. Not only can you increase engagement with these events, you can also collect data from your loyal fanbase. Requiring fans to sign up for these events online is a good idea. 

Most fans will be willing to give you their email addresses and phone numbers to get a ticket to a team-sponsored event. Using this information in your future marketing campaigns can help them yield much better results. 

Use Team Mobile Apps To Collect Data

Modern consumers love feeling like they are connected to the sports teams they follow. While having a social media presence can help you stay connected to fans, you will have to do more to stay fresh in the minds of your audience. This is why investing in a team app that features gamification elements is such a wise move. A great app will help you retain the attention of your fanbase, even during the offseason. 

Collecting data with the help of your mobile app is also a good idea. This data will help you optimize your team app. You can also use the data to send more personalized communications to users of the app.  

By collecting the right data, you can keep your fans loyal and engaged.

How the Metaverse Can Benefit Your Gaming Experience

Do you ever stop to wonder how you played all types of games without the metaverse? There’s no need for you to leave your home to spend hours at the arcade playing games that you love. Nowadays, it’s so easy and convenient for gamers to sit from the comfort of their homes to play a variety of fun virtual games. 

One popular trend that you may have heard about is the metaverse. You can immerse yourself in the metaverse, which is a virtual universe that involves the use of augmented and virtual reality technologies. Here’s how the metaverse can have a positive impact on your gaming.

Varied Gaming Communities

The metaverse is an inviting space that makes it easier for gamers from all over the world to converge. The metaverse allows you to build a community of gamers for both genders, play games, and have an entertaining time. The metaverse is the ideal space that is beneficial to everyone. It allows gamers from all walks of life to stay connected, share similar gaming interests, and relax.

Enhanced Experience

When playing games in the metaverse, gamers will have an enhanced experience. The metaverse gives you a close-to-reality visual gaming experience, where you can have interactions with other gamers, trade in-game assets, and other exciting benefits that you would not get from traditional gaming.

Good Posture

While you’re gaming, you may not think about the importance of maintaining good posture. Poor posture can cause lower back pains, neck pains, tension-type headaches, and other ailments. Poor posture can also prevent you from enjoying your games when you’re feeling certain types of discomfort and pains. 

On the other hand, the metaverse prevents you from sitting in an uncomfortable chair for long periods. To enter a virtual reality world, you can simply put on a headset to have a comfortable, gaming experience.

Key Takeaway

The metaverse is a gaming platform that gamers cannot resist because it gives you the freedom to experience a higher level of fun than you normally would with traditional gaming. This mainstream technology continues to rise in popularity and is attracting tons of gamers. By immersing yourself in this innovative technology, you can expect a powerful visual experience.

The metaverse is designed to allow gamers to experience fun playing sessions in a virtual space that replicates the real world. So, if you’re looking for a better way to play games, the metaverse is the ideal virtual platform that you must use.

Three Big New Gaming Trends: Play To Earn, Etc.

Are you wondering about the biggest new trends in digital gaming? We’re on top of a lot of this new stuff as it occurs. Here are some of the interesting things to know about how online and digital gaming is working today.

Play To Earn

There is a very new philosophy in online gaming that’s based around a new way of rewarding players.

It’s called play to earn, and it works this way – in-game rewards help to grow a player’s bankroll and keep them engaged and motivated to keep playing.

This is fundamentally different than the old way of casino gaming – in fact, it’s the opposite. You may be used to hear people talking about how the “house always wins” in gaming, and it’s made people fatalistic. They still played, but they thought about the end of the night, when they would lose their whole stake and have to go home.

“Play to earn” is revolutionary in this regard. It leverages the power of digital assets and frictionless transactions to enrich and reward the diligent player through things like bonuses, bankrolls, rate backs, and more.

If you’re into digital gaming, you owe it to yourself to check out the play to earn concept and how it’s integrated in our site.

Meta-Verse Gaming

Meta-verse gaming is getting big. It’s growing quickly. We accommodate this with our NFT services and a player’s ability to transact on their NFTs, buying or selling NFTs through our specific marketplace. Take a look at 2D and 3D animated NFTs and how we utilize augmented reality to provide an environment for these assets.

In our view, this is really something that companies can’t afford to ignore. The meta-verse is rushing at us at 100 miles an hour, but a lot of people still aren’t thinking about how this is going to revolutionize various industries including gaming. In the gaming sports world, it’s particularly relevant in a few key ways. Check out the rest of the website for more.

Gamification of Routine Tasks

You want your athletic audience to be engaged with your brand. One way to do that is to embrace the principle of gamification.

This is one of the more long-standing trends that predated things like play to earn. As the Internet grew and matured, it became a place where people could offer gamification services directly through a browser. Even though a browser is inherently a stateless platform, cookies and beacons and other additions allow for save-game data, and companies started to build gamification. into their sites. This is abundantly common today, and we take note of this in our own online digital service models.

Talk to Fanisko about your fan base and how new modern digital trends can help improve your relationship with your fans!

How Gamification Is Changing Sports

Gamification is one of the most common terms used in sports marketing today. But what exactly is gamification? Gamification refers to the process of adding game-like qualities to an activity, such as sports. The idea is by making an activity like sports more engaging and entertaining, people will be more likely to participate. Gamification in sports can motivate individuals into staying more active within sports communities and creating more engagement with sports content by consumers.

However, gamification doesn’t just offer advantages to sports marketing. In many ways, gamification is starting to change how we think of sports entirely, and what sports will look like in the future. This is particularly true as younger individuals become more and more tied to a digitized and connected world. Here are three ways in which gamification is changing the landscape of sports entertainment as we know it.

Gamification Attracts Younger Fans To Sports

One of the most important developments that gamification has led to for sports is increasing the engagement of younger individuals. Today, children and teenagers are growing up in a post-digitalized world, where instant access to media and fast-paced entertainment is the norm. For these audiences, traditional sports matches can be viewed as long and boring, leading to less youth engagement. Gamification of sports helps to increase engagement among younger audiences by helping to make sports more accessible and desirable for the fast-paced reality that children and teenagers are living in today. 

By adopting sports into mediums such as computer games, younger individuals are able to access the excitement of sports in a condensed and more action-oriented way, leading to greater interest when watching or playing physical sports. Additionally, by adding game elements to the practice of sports, younger participants are able to identify familiar and fun elements within sports and are more likely to participate.

Gamification Helps To Improve Performance

In addition to helping improve engagement and participation among younger sports fans, gamification can also help to encourage athletes and sports participants to push themselves more and more, improving performance. Wearables such as FitBit watches and fitness trackers measure activity and performance and allow athletes to view their improvements in real-time, providing fantastic motivators to continue practicing and improving. Additionally, the inclusion of social elements such as a leaderboard with friends offers further incentive to continue practicing and has allowed the development of more social communities within sports.

Gamification Makes Sports More Global

Finally, the gamification and digitization of sports is helping to make sports competitions more global, allowing athletes from around the world to compete with each other and drawing in more international audiences. Technological connectivity ignores the physical distances and geography that have always hindered international sports traditionally. Different digital sports platforms allow individual athletes such as cyclists to use exercise machines and connective technology to race and compete with each other from opposite sides of the globe. By allowing for greater global connection and engagement, the gamification of sports is allowing the field to grow and expand both participants and audiences around the world.

Fanisko Tech Mahindra Partnership Announcement

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Tech Mahindra, a global leader of digital transformation, consulting and business reengineering services. Tech Mahindra, through their Sportstech vertical, is bringing their wealth of expertise to help sports teams and leagues address their digital transformation needs.

Sathish Chittibabu, Co-founder & CEO 

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Tech Mahindra, a global leader of  digital transformation, consulting and business reengineering services. Tech Mahindra, through their Sportstech vertical, is bringing their wealth of expertise to help sports teams and leagues address their digital transformation needs. 

This partnership will make Fanisko and Tech Mahindra leverage each other’s strengths to enhance fan engagement and revolutionize the live viewing experience for fans and extend it beyond the live event to build a tribe of loyal fans for the sports teams and leagues. In addition, it will help create interesting use cases and present innovative business models of monetization for sports organizations across the world. 

Fanisko is an emerging leader in the digital fan engagement space helping sports organizations increase and enhance their digital assets and devise strategies to add new revenue channels through sponsor activations and commerce. Engaging fans goes beyond the live sporting event.  We have helped professional sports teams to create their own digital fan engagement platform and reduce dependency on rented platforms (Social Media) to create meaningful fan experiences. 

Fanisko offers high end fan experiences through Gamification, Augmented Reality (AR), personalization, loyalty rewards to help sports organizations engage and retain fans on their own platform. Our platform also enables these sports organizations with Social AR capabilities to provide immersive experiences to fans on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok so fans can create their own personalized experiences and connect with them. In fact, Fanisko has engaged tens of thousands of fans for more than 7M engagements and 17,000+ hours. Fanisko’s expertise has increased engagement times by 40% and organic new follower growth by 20%.

Sports organizations and their associated sponsor brands have a big challenge in engaging fans digitally due to fan-less stadiums. This will be a challenge even when fans are allowed back into the stadiums since nobody knows what the new normal is going to be. These organizations will have to be smart and start strategizing on how to identify high value fans and convert them into consumers. Fan Engagement needs to be executed as a holistic 365 days strategy to make revenue through digital sponsor activations a viable channel.

Fans are demanding personalized interactive experiences from sports organizations and to drive engagement and loyalty, sports properties will have to think digital as one of their top priorities. Brands are also demanding measurable ROI and relying on traditional methods of sponsorships such as billboard displays and logo slapping in jerseys have become things of the past.

Together with Tech Mahindra, we will be able to go to the market faster and develop joint IP around some of the cool front end activations that the fans can experience. Tech Mahindra’s association with several leading global sports properties and brands will also help us to power these organizations with our cutting edge technology. This partnership will enable both the companies to reach the sports organizations, sponsor brands and fans faster and show a rapid increase in revenues and growth.

Manish Upadhyay, Head – Global Business Development, Sports Vertical, Tech Mahindra, said, “We are currently working with Fanisko to build a sports ecosystem through various use cases, which can help us to identify, engage and monetise from a wider fan base. This involves co-creating various digital assets based on our core strength in 5G, analytics and digital. Our vision is to provide hyper personalised and augmented experience to global sports fans and drive brand activations, that can help sports properties to transform into digital properties and monetise on new revenue streams.”

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