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Make your messages workOne-Stop Fan Engagement meets Brand Engagement

Our Mission

Our mobile first, one-stop platform targeting millennials with a combination of unique content strategy, product offering including gaming, predictive and behavioral analytics and AR/VR technologies will help advertisers target and engage the right audience

Get QUality Audience


users across Cricking's App, Social Media and Web platforms

There are users and then there are "Quality" users. Fanisko's fan engagement platform is used by passionate fans who follow their interests which in turn creates a premium community. That means your message has the opportunity to capture the right attention and drive interaction with your message.

Target The Right People


screen views within our Cricking platform

Fanisko offers personalized experience for logged in users. The power of logged in fan profile is that it provides rich targeted reach that enables you to offer personalized advertising experience based on age, gender, likes, geography, interests etc.,

High Power Engagement


increase in engagement time using our platform

We understand engagement better! With the shift in human behavior towards mobile first, fanisko's one stop engagement mobile platform creates high power engaged users. These engaged users are guaranteed to have increased sessions and time spent per session.

Make it interactive


audience reached weekly resulting in an engaged and interactive community

Yes! You heard it right. Gone are the days displaying static ad messages. Eye balls don't give you the effective measure of your message. Fanisko allows interactive messaging solution which takes advertising message to the next level. Start a poll, ask questions, know your audience better with your messaging!