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Engage 2021 Release – Help Guide

Engage 2021 Help Guide details you on the Release Features that helps the users to stay connected with the updates made to the Engage Platform and Mobile Apps.

12 – January – 2021 Feature Release

Photo Gallery Feature 

Implemented Gallery feature in the Activity feed in Dashboard, and the same is displayed for the users in Mobile Apps. 


  1. Enter the URL provided to login into the Engage application. The Engage application prompts for Username (Email ID) and Password
  2. Enter a valid email id and password and click the LOGIN button to launch into the application.
  3. After successful login, the user lands into the home (Dashboard) screen. By default, the user views the Activity Feed.
  1. Click the Gallery tab to upload the photos in the gallery. On clicking the Gallery tab the below screen is displayed.

The Gallery screen displays the list of gallery images published by the Admin in LIVE status and yet to be published images in Draft status. 

  1. Click the Create button to create a new gallery group.

Enter the following details to create a new Gallery group –

  • Name of the Group: Enter a unique group name for Gallery.
  • Description of the Gallery: Enter a short description for the new gallery group
  • Add Image: Add the images that you want to display in the gallery view in Mobile app. You can upload an image only in jpeg, jpg & png format and in the following sizes 1400×700 or 800×400 & within 2MB.
  • Thumbnail Images: The maximum size to upload a photo in the Thumbnail Images is restricted to 2MB for better performance and loading time. The image file formats that are most commonly supported are .jpg, .jpeg & .png
  • Check the Send Push Notification check box to notify the Mobile App users instantly. 

You can preview the Group Name, Description and the No of images uploaded in the right side.  

  • Save as Draft – Click the required option to save the changes and Publish later 
  • Publish – Click the required option Publish the new Group 

Mobile Apps

In Mobile Apps (both Android and iOS) a Photo gallery section is introduced in the Home tab. On enabling the Send Push Notification in the Dashboard, the Mobile user receives a notification in the app.Refer the screenshot below –

Albums will be displayed at the top of the home tab above the activity feed and below the live scorecard. The albums will have horizontal carousel scroll and within each album, there can be multiple photos. 

When clicked on the “See all…” link in the album’s horizontal scroll, it takes the user to a photo gallery screen that displays the album thumbnails.

When clicked on an Album, it takes the user to the album screen that displays the thumbnails of the photos included in the album.

When clicked on a photo thumbnail , it displays the photo in full screen and the user can swipe right or left to navigate between the photos only for Android users. 

Thus, the Gallery feature allows the users to view more photos in less space, and provides a better user experience.

Is AI “Creepy?”

Look, some people just don’t like the idea of artificial intelligence.

To them, it’s the kind of thing that spooky science fiction is made of. They don’t want to hear about the ever-increasing capabilities of computers and robots. They like to believe that people will always be in the driver’s seat, and that robotics is just a fad.

Seriously – in our view, you don’t have to be afraid of artificial intelligence. It’s just a set of capabilities, backed by digital technology. There’s no sinister face behind it.

AI and Big Brother

First, the idea that artificial intelligence is the same as centralized surveillance is kind of a myth.

If a computer is trying to figure out what you like with algorithms, that’s not the same as big brother spying on you. It’s guesswork based on technicality. It doesn’t compromise your identity or make you less of a person, or something like that.

Instead, AI brings efficiencies that help us to do more. That’s really what all of this is about. When we talk about augmented reality and gamification, we’re talking about helping your brand to succeed in a fan environment. Gamification requires some kinds of input. It’s not done to oppress somebody. It’s done to help them to have fun or get matched up with services that they want.

Sports is an excellent example of how technology can help us instead of making us feel funny. Yes, some sports fans are kind of reactive to cutting-edge technology. That’s fine, but there are really positive things to be gained from learning a little more about the tech world. Other sports fans are really into the kinds of tools that their apps offer them.

To that end, to know more about how all of this works, you can download our Digital Sponsorship Activity in Sports white paper to get a lot of information about what we have found to be effective in the sports advertising world. You can read case studies that show you in detail how some companies have made all of the stuff their own, and why it doesn’t constitute creepy activity, but is just a regular part of business, albeit one with a lot of positive potential.

Computers are not going to become our overlords – at least, not anytime soon. It’s okay to relax a little bit about technology. It’s okay to learn a little bit more and put that to work to enhance what you do as a human person.

For more on modern advertising, talk to us at Fanisko. We speak this language!