Not Just a Gimmick

When people tend to think of gamification and augmented reality, they tend to think about it in one of two ways.

One big section of people will see those words and just say “what the heck are those? I don’t know anything about that.”

Some of the more tech-savvy people will look at the words and say “oh yeah, that’s just some kind of dressing up for websites and mobile apps, where you add a couple of cute pictures and icons to try to draw people in…”

The Real AR Trend

We think about it in a very different way. At Fanisko, where we help companies to engage a fan base, we know that there’s a whole other dimension to AR and gamification that is really effective, that isn’t just a gimmick or a type of little distraction. In fact, we would argue that the reaction to some of these visual designs is pretty reactionary and comes from a place of 20th-century nostalgia.

To put it another way, suppose your dad came down to breakfast and saw that your phone sported a picture of you with your favorite team’s logo on your cheek, and confetti raining down from the digital sky.

You’re likely to get some kind of snort or humbug, because it kind of offends his sensibilities in contrasting the digital world with the physical world that the last generations grew up with every day.

But we’re in a new world now, and a lot of these new technologies are very effective when you use them correctly. We explain to our customers how audience segmentation and AR implementations work. Then they understand that although some Luddites might not be attracted to this type of platform, a new emerging generation really does want to engage through these types of interfaces.

In a very simple key way, it is all about the interface. We explain this to clients in depth as we put together custom projects. It’s all in how people interface with technology. When your company spends more time thinking about this and building a customized plan, you see results. You see improvements in conversion and profit. You see influencers who are more enthusiastic about your company and its products and services. Take a look at the website to understand more about how this type of campaign optimization works. You can learn about digital sponsorship activation, peruse case studies, and check out our informational blog to stay informed about how modern marketing works – because it does!